Monday, June 28, 2010

Patience - not my virtue!

So these days are driving me nuts, I am up and down with my mood and anticipation more often then I can handle. So after that interview, I had a couple of things that were worrying me slightly about the job. I checked in with several people, and they agreed that the business sounds like they are really money focused, and it might be a hard job for the long haul. That being said, it has some great attributes as well, and sounds like it could serve as a great first job. I was told I would hear back "within the week" so I am going to have to wait it out until the end of this week before freaking out, then getting the nerve up to call them. The waiting is killing me though.

I figured I should look at a back up plan, other than EI in case I didn't get the job. I have officially been at home for almost a month, and it is honestly driving me insane. I am the type of person who has always worked, summers and during the school years, and being home this long, especially with no extra income, is tough. I job search, I clean, and I live in isolation other than my dog, who is starting to expect the daily long walks and treats she is getting. I honestly think I am getting slightly depressed and stir crazy. So I called an temp agency, and was shocked to hear them honestly tell me that these days, many people are earning more income on EI than working as a receptionist or admin! I can't believe it. I have no retail experience, and can't find a position where they wouldn't look at my resume and be freaked at how overqualified I seem. I can't even dumb down the resume, because I have been in government for over 8 years now. Thank god running has been getting me out in the sunshine, or else I'd be certifiably crazy right now. So by the end of the week, if I have had no success on the career front, I am going to find something to do. Job, volunteering, hobby, something that gets me out more. Suggestions?

Ok, now for my running update, which I have been bad updating this week. I ran on Wednesday, 4k steady. I finally whipped out my Garmin, look how old school I am:

Yes, that is the Forerunner 50, the first one made. So it worked wonderfully on my fairly short run on Friday (2.5K, fast tempo run) and it worked perfect! I forgot my foot pod, but it timed me at 15 minutes, perfect pace.

I ran with the hubby on Saturday. As I mentioned before, he is just learning to run. I thought I could join him, stay at his pace on his route, and things would go well. We started off fine, and then he started doing things I wasn't sure were the smartest. He was running on streets with no sidewalks (so running on the street) with his ear buds in and running with traffic. He would cross roads in areas where there was reduced visibility of oncoming traffic. So I called him out on it. This week alone, I heard of a death from a board I post on. Motorcycle vs runner. Sadly, she didn't wear ID (something I am horribly guilty of) and they only knew who she was based on her name on her water bottle. So I tell him what he really should do, pick roads with sidewalks, run opposite traffic, get ID, and generally reduce his risk. WOW, did I get an earful from him. I think he was just getting defensive for no reason, but it really deters me from running with him. I got him to finally agree to run with sidewalks on main roads, and try for side roads as well. If there are no sidewalks, I made him promise to run opposite traffic. It's the smart thing to do.

Finally, I did another 10K yesterday, in humid weather. My Garmin decided to be a PITA (pain in the @$$) and would start timing, then magically pop out. I finally gave up and started timing my 10's and 1's with the regular clock. I have no idea how I did as a result, but I think it went ok. I finally started using some fuel, as I knew it was going to be a physically tiring run with some uphill portions. I ate some of my Sharkies, and was surprised they didn't taste too bad. A bit sticky, but manageable. I will be investigating new fuel (sport beans, GU and GU chomps etc) over my long runs to see what works best for me.
Ok, that's all for today, I'm off until later this week. I'm such a geek, but I love the fact that I now have 2 followers!!! It seems silly, but it is nice motivation to keep going and rambling about my bizarre life!

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