Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life could be worse.....

So my caveat to this post is that I am trying to make light of a bad situation. Not meaning to upset anyone or be insensitive. Just want that out there.

So after being sick as a dog for a full week, I caved and got some antibiotics. I still felt so awful, I tried to go into work and prep for my trial that was supposed to go on, but was told by my boss that I shouldn't do it if I wasn't 100% mentally there. So hesitantly, I adjourned it. Luckily, everyone understood. Fast forward, I got back to work the day after the trial would have been and work on catching up, with the stress of this trial gone for now.

Come the next Monday, I was still a bit tired and weak, but much better. One of the admins in my office asks me: "do you have a client who is an ex-cop?" Why yes, yes I do. "Is his name Joe Smith?" Yes, now wondering what is going on. Then I get the news: my client.... passed away. Four days after his trial was scheduled, he suddenly died. So now I am left with an understandably grieving wife, a client who is no longer with us, and a trial that may or may not still go forward. Believe it or not, a trial doesn't just go away because you die. It's not that simple, and apparently, it is also not that common an occurrence. No one seems to know how this will play out, so I am just trying to figure it out so my client's wife doesn't have to deal with it.

Despte the fact that this news threw me for a loop on the business side, it also made me think of the unpredictability of everything. I spoke with these clients 6 days prior, and everything was fine and normal. Less than one week later, their lives had been changed. It reminds me why I run, why I try to eat well, and why I try to promote this healthy behaviour to all my loved ones. Despite the fact that so many people have said it before me, you never know how long you have, so you should live life to the fullest, and make sure you take care of yourself so you can be around as long as possible. It is a fine balance between indulging and enjoying life and taking care to be healthy, but it can be done.

Ok, that is the extent of my life lesson, my words of wisdom. What do you do in order to enjoy life in moderation? Do you run for wine or chocolate? Or do you have a specific "cheat" day? Is running something you do because you "have" to, or do you see it as one of your indulgences and a source of enjoyment in your life?

To come this week: An actual post about running since it is finally warming up around here! We got up to about 15 degrees celcius or so this weekend, and I am gearing up to run outside on a regular basis, in addition to in the gym. I know, I am a wuss, but at least I can admit it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Months Ago Today...

Six months ago today, I started my real journey as a lawyer. I started my job here at my law firm, optimistic and yet tired, hopeful I would find my place. I have definitely found my place among the staff, and the drive has gotten better, and a bit faster over time with a new route learned. I still frequently spend close to 12 hours a day outside of the home, but it is getting better.

The law stuff, that stuff is not so quick to learn. I was hired on to do a specific type of law, and I am learning every day that I like it less than I thought. I still love the workplace, but I want to focus on other types of law. I don't know how to tell my boss this. I am still finding my footing, gaining endurance, getting my stride and becoming more confident in what I do. Kind of like running. Here's hoping I find my pace, and finally get to a place where I am comfortable with how much I am doing, and I know I can do it.

Despite the fact that I haven't ran much this winter, I am comfortable with the idea that I can do another half marathon. It doesn't scare me like last year, and I hope to train better mentally to make it a more enjoyable experience this year. I am slowly building my time on the treadmill, rather than in the pool or in some of the classes my gym offers, and hopefully the running endurance will bounce right back.

I have missed my signup deadline for a race in May, so I think my first one of the year will be late June/early July. I should get 5 or so official races this year, which to most people sounds so low, but is definitely a step up from my 1-2 that I have done over the past three years as a runner. I like to focus, to obsess over these things for weeks! Now's the time for me to get registering, to get my plans in line for the next few months. Here's to another great six months until it is time for my big Europe trip!