Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday....

1. My hubby called me this morning to let me know that it was gorgeous and cool, perfect for a run. Wonderful thing to wake up to. So I headed out for a 6k (3.75mi) run in 17 degree weather (62F) and got it done in just over my ideal time. I finally looked at my body this morning and realized that despite the fact that my weight isn't at an ideal point, my muscle tone and shape are pretty darn good! My legs look wonderful, except for a horrible blue-purple welt I got from walking into my hubby's exercise equipment. Ouch!

2. I sound like a broken record sometimes - but I sent out 26 (!) job applications yesterday to firms - some that I knew were looking for someone, others who were just firms in the region I would like to practice. While I have already received about 4-5 rejections, I got a call about one of them, so we'll see where it goes.

3. Based on Laurie's comments yesterday, I will be signing up for 2 different virtual races, both scheduled for 10/10/10. #1 is the 10x10 Virtual Race for Jog for Joubert Syndrome (info can be found here: ) and the second is Running Diva Mom's 10/10/10 10k Virtual Race (details here: ) I am looking forward to them both, and will be officially signing up once I have the money to donate for the JFJS run. Everyone should consider signing up for both of them!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So much to say, so little time...

It feels like with summer winding down, things in my life are winding up: I am getting into my high kms in preparation for my half marathon next month, my job searching has kicked into high gear with prospective employers having a slight contemplation about their staffing situations, and with my stepdaughter trying to jam as much activity into her summer before it is time for back to school shopping and getting back to the regular routine.

As a result, I haven't been blogging as much. I am sorry. But I have a generally long update, which I will try to fit in before my husband finishes the dishes.

I have a part time job. runninglawyer will now be employed at a deli counter in a major supermarket near you (or not near you.... :P) It is not the perfect job, but it supplements my EI income, and it is starting like now. Plus, no way that my grocery store job will screw up ANY future law job. Everyone has surprisingly asked why I took it, or if I am ok with it. I get the feeling that even some of my close non-law friends think that either I should be above that, or that I should feel like I am above working there. I don't get this mentality. Money is money, and I am no better than anyone else because I have two degrees. So thank god for something, because bills keep rolling in.

I had a horrible long run yesterday. I don't know 100% what went wrong, but I am pretty sure that my fuel (clif gels, Bleh and never again) just didn't do it for me, and I pseudo-bonked. I literally had to sit down in a park for about 20 minutes because I felt like I was going to pass out. I finished the "run" but 18k (a little over 11 miles I think) took me 2h45mins as a result. I literally stumbled home and into a ice bath that my husband helped pour for me, then started refueling on a banana and Yop. I was lethargic for another hour at least. IT was not pleasant, but I feel like it was a one off, and that next time, with Gu on board I won't have any issues. Let's hope so.

I have came to a point in my training where, I'll admit it, it's not fun. 18, 20k, that is a long time running. I was thinking before and after my long run, that this routine isn't enjoyable, and how I wasn't sure I would ever want to do another half marathon again. I like the freedom of going out and deciding how far to run based on how I feel. I think after the 19th, I will fall back into just trying to run 3 times a week, and go into winter hibernation mode a bit. I really don't have any serious runs planned for the rest of the year (I am considering Rattle me bones and the Resolution Run) and I like it that way. Maybe I will change my mind after it is over and I feel euphoric for completing it, but for now, I think I'm just tired of training.

I promised a winner on my Sunday Night Secrets Post, so here's the recap:

With 3/4 right, the winner is Laurie! Please let me know what Bondy Band you would like, and send me your contact details. Sorry I can't offer bigger prizes/prizes for all of you, but I will try to offer another contest soon.

Here are the answers:

1. totally true. I went to track camp for a summer and was one of the few teenagers who knew how to hurdle correctly. So I rocked them!

2. Despite the comments from Ms. Laurie (I might be a lawyer, but I am totally NOT one of those sleazeball lawyers! I just want to help people!), I can make a three leaf clover with my tongue, just like this:

3. Again, a true oddity about me: I can't eat cashews, pecans or walnuts, but bring on the PB and almonds. Mmmmm....

4. Totally hate Twilight, and hate hearing the "Go Edward" stuff from the Munchkin. Bleh! I read REAL books.

5. lol, see above rant about doing another half to determine the answer to this one.

6. FALSE! One sister, that's it.

7. Sadly true. I like the freedom of running when I want to, but I often think I am missing out on something since I always run alone. Hoping this won't be true forever.

8. Germany, three months. Best time of my LIFE.

9. My husband is definitely the shopper in the relationship. I am part Scots and part Jewish; it might be a stereotype but I like keeping my money in my wallet!

10. true - I killed my hubby's (then boyfriend) favourite ring by somehow dissolving the welding that kept it together. Oops.

11. I like keeping everyone I pass on the street clothed, in reality and in my mind. Random nakedness is not my thing!

12. I was surprised so many guessed this was bogus. I was an untraditional bride, and loved it. Here's a photo of my lovely rings (yes, they have diamonds on the side, but I like them anyways!):

13. Yes, this is a contemplated challenge. I have to swim more and then figure out if that is going to be my fitness goal for next year. Thank god triathlons don't require you to dive.

14. Yup. No explaining it.

15. This is partially due to habit, and partially due to the pull in my groin on the right side, but yes, at least 90% of the time, my left foot does the leading up and down curbs.

K, night all! Laurie, send me those details!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Facts

Once again, my posting is going to be fast and furious, with no real central theme. I am catching up on all the things I wanted to say but didn't get to this week with all the chaos.

1. For those of you who have been on the edge of their seats with anticipation (ie nobody) - I didn't take the job. Too much risk, not enough reward. It still feels bad, but I think I made the right choice. I hate that I have had people around me doubting my decision and making some less than supportive comments, but thankfully those most important in my life are there to hold me up while I am feeling down.

2. I might have another job offer in the hopper - just a part time gig to increase my income at a local grocery store, but it is something, so fingers crossed. We could use the money, especially considering the $900 (!) we had to pay out for repairs to our car this morning.

3. Despite my best intentions, I have not stuck 100% to my meal plans or my running schedule. I'm working on it, but it's definitely not easy! Must. Try. Harder

4. I'm having a busy weekend with a bridal shower and visiting friends with a new baby, but I am oddly looking forward to my 18k run this weekend. I may finish my Gu chomps (not my favourite, make me nauseated unfortunately) and try my clif gel, but I am pretty sure I am a Gu gel girl.

5. I'll be revealing who wins something little from me on the weekend for guessing the most lies from my Sunday Night Secrets post. You have to be a follower to win! This means there is still a bit more time to enter! Don't know what I will give out, but I hope you'll enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Year Today...

A whole year ago today, my life was in a completely different place. It was a month before my wedding, and I was running fairly regularly, but with no specific race in mind. I had a steady job at a place I loved, and was just happy to be done school and starting my legal career.

On August 18th, 2009, I was running around, doing some things I had to in preparation for the wedding date. I had to go to the second floor of a business, which I had only ever visited on the main floor. When going to go back down the stairs, my shoe got caught on the stair, and I fell down 6-8 stairs onto their tile floor, hitting a radiator with my back on the way down. My full weight landed on my left knee, and I was in immediate pain. I couldn't get up.

When I finally was moving again, I was embarrassed I had fallen in front of the front door, and I was sadly told that I was not the first person to have fallen down that flight of stairs. Staff and clients had done it before.

Over the next few days, I was in serious pain. I developed a huge bruise on my hip, and the pain in my knee made it impossible to weight bear on it. I couldn't sit for long periods of time without having horrible back pain. I even went to the emergency clinic, who sent me for xrays and prescribed pain medication. I spent a month going to a massage therapist before he told me that there was nothing else he could do for me. I was sent off to a sports medicine physician, who again sent me to have xrays and discussed injections to increase the mobility of my knee. While my back and hip healed fairly well, I had numbness, tingling sensation on my knee, limited mobility, and anytime I put direct pressure on the front of my kneecap, I faced intense shooting pain.

Today, one year to the day since I have fallen, I am still waiting on an MRI for my knee. While the symptoms have gotten better, I still have very limited ability to kneel, cross my legs, play on the floor with my dog and the munchkin, etc. I am very thankful that my knee has generally held up during this half marathon training, and hope it continues to work for years to come. I just wish I would have a diagnosis, and that the diagnosis might come with a solution. Long runs are still had on me, and my knee often lets me know it's discontent the evening of a run. But I still do it, because it is important to me, and I don't want to let my injury define me as a runner if it doesn't have to.

My long run on Monday went well, I decided that I would do 13km (8mi) since my last two long runs were big busts. The kms were hard, but I was happy to get back into the game with my long runs. I even took my first ice bath!!! Here's a Captain Obvious statement: It was SO cold!!! But I definitely felt most of my body was better able to recoup after taking it.

My goal for the next month, since it is a month to the day to my half marathon, is to get 100% serious about this race. That generally means two things:

1. I need to start following my training program to a tee. This means, 4-5 runs a week, and getting my hills and fartleks in.
2. I need to EAT like an athlete. There is far too much junk food in my house, and it is magically finding it's way into my mouth. Not good! So I need to drastically limit the amount of sugar I am eating, starting tomorrow.... well, ok, starting today. Other than the treats I am baking for a bridal shower on Saturday, which of course I will have to taste test, no sweets! I will be going around my house and moving things out of sight today to reduce my temptation.

That's all for me right now. Further job news and running updates will flow later this week.

Any more guessers on the fact vs BS about me? I might have to find a prize, because someone is pretty close with their answers..... :D

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tough Day....

Today was full of trials and tribulations, which I thought I would share here. I need other people's opinions, but am not sure it will make sense considering the lack of details I can give at this point.

I have been in contact with the people from this non-law job I interviewed for, which is an industry related to but not completely law focused. I would potentially gain useful knowledge for my future legal career, but could run into issues where I would face conflicts (where as a lawyer I couldn't work on specific files against this employer which would be problematic) or where people simply wouldn't hire me because I have essentially worked for the other side of the legal fight. This non-law industry generally has a bad reputation for screwing people over, leading to lawsuits. Some employers are better than others.

So I have got a job offer from this place, and while I am thrilled at the prospect of having full time work, in a field where I could gain knowledge for my future career, I am afraid of limiting myself, or making it near impossible to get where I want to go in the future for my legal career. Worst of all, I am afraid I might just settle in the job and never leave, never meeting my personal or earning potential.

I have no idea when I might get a legal job, or when any other job offer might come my way. My EI is still good for another couple of months, but I have only had 2 interviews in the past three months, despite my work experience and degrees. It is not an employee's market right now.

So what do I do? Take the job and hope to not screw my future, or risk turning it down and possibly being unemployed for god knows how much longer? I have until Wednesday to figure that out.

Will update you all on my long run (which I generally completed) tomorrow. Hubby is calling me to bed, which sounds like a great idea right now. My brain hurts!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Night Secrets....

So it's been raining cats and dogs outside all day, and I am in a bit of a funk personally since getting home (call it post-holiday depression or just that period of time needed to get back into a normal routine) so I figured, why not do a random list of facts about me. Some might be running related, some life facts. Then I decided, why not have some fun and make it a game to amuse you, my dearest readers!

Here are fifteen "facts" about me. 4 are not true. Can you guess which ones are true, and which ones are bullshit?

1. When I was young, I excelled at track and field - but failed miserably at any long distances. I actually turned into a very good 5'4" hurdler!

2. I can fold my tongue in half, and can also shape it into a three leaf clover.

3. I have a nut allergy, but like most runners, I love peanut butter, and eat it all the time.

4. I am a closet fan of the Twilight series. Go Edward!

5. I often feel like a phony runner. I am not as dedicated as many bloggers out there, and wonder if my enthusiasm with running will disappear after I finish my half marathon.

6. I have a HUGE family, with 5 brothers and 3 sisters. I'm third oldest.

7. I am an anti-social runner. Other than my one 10k race, I can count the number of times I have ran with other people on both hands. Sometimes this bugs me, other times I am happy to run on my own.

8. I travelled to a foreign country where I knew no one, and didn't speak the language at the age of 15.

9. I am addicted to shopping. My husband barely has any closet space, because it is filled with my stuff!

10. I have weird reactions to certain types of jewellery: I can't wear anything less than platinum in my ears, and my palm sweat seems to turn some metal black and disintegrate some rings.

11. When I run, I sometimes envision people on the sidewalks in nothing but their underwear. Makes me feel better when I'm huffing and puffing down the street.

12. My engagement ring and wedding band have tanzanites, not diamonds as their central stones. My husband loved me when I told him I'd kill him if he bought me diamonds.

13. I have taken up swimming in the past year or so and am contemplating a triathalon, despite the fact that I have never, ever learned how to dive.

14. My veins form a weird circle at one of my wrists.

15. When I run, I have to step off of (and back onto) curbs with my left foot.

So, and guesses? I'll post the answers later this week.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hershey Trip Recap!!

I'm back!!!!!

Yes, after a whirlwind week of fun, along with some trials and tribulations, I am back home where I belong.

I thought I would give you all a quick recap of our trip, so you can sort of live vicariously through me for the good parts, and maybe sympathize about the bad parts. We were up bright and early to make our flight at 9:30 on Saturday morning. The munchkin (aka my stepdaughter) was a bit nervous about taking her first flight, but we reassured her all would be fine. We had great weather, and took off with the sun shining. The kid was a star, the flight was amazing (honestly, Porter is the best!) and we were in Toronto in no time. Munchkin's ears didn't pop immediately, but thankfully went within the next hour. From there, we were onto a bus to Niagara Falls, since there is no airport in the area.

We got to Great Wolf Lodge around 3pm and checked in. This is a very kid friendly resort, with things like animatronic animals that talk to the kids, pyjama parties where no adults are allowed, and a kid's spa/salon.

I loved the concept, however, it didn't come cheap (you are looking at $400 a night) and we had some problems with billing after we left. The beds were NOT comfortable, and the walls were paper thin, meaning we were up all night. Just an FYI for anyone interested in the location. More info below in my recap.

There was supposed to be a package waiting for us with our spending money and gift certificates for the Hershey store in Niagara, but it wasn't there, so we sent a front desk clerk to look for it and hopped into the waterpark, which was great. Within an hour or so, we had our package and off we went downtown to have some more fun!

We went straight to the Hershey store, and were overwhelmed at the selection! There was a giant counter of fresh items like fudge, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes with themes (reese cupcakes) and other tasty creations. In addition, there was the normal hershey stock, hershey merchandise like shirts, sweaters, pillows, cookie cutters, keychains, necklaces - you name it, they had it! We actually had a hard time spending $250 dollars, but walked out of there with three bags of stuff!

We went to the Hard rock cafe for dinner, which was nice, but not nearly as impressive as the one in Orlando, which is the largest in the world. From there, we hit Clifton hill, the craziest street in Niagara, and went to a wax museum, where I got to see these characters:

Then we went off to the Skywheel, which gave my Munchkin and I a great view of the Falls (hubby was not keen on the heights):

After that, it was off to Ripley's Believe it or not, where we tailed a newly married couple, all dressed up and everything, through the museum:

We came back to the hotel and crashed, preparing for our next long day: Marineland. We were up at 7, and at the park by 10am. This was Munchkin's first amusement park, and she had never went on a roller coaster before. We started her off small on a couple of rides, then worked up to the big ones. She had a lot of fun, but may have surpassed her limit on the Sky Screamer, which scared her a bit too much. We saw all sorts of cool creatures, and Munchkin even got to feed a Beluga whale!

That night, my mom drove up from near Windsor, about 4 hours away, to have dinner and stay with us. She was so nice, and took us to the Keg that was located with a SPECTACULAR view of the falls right from our table. Great food+ great company + great view = Great evening.

Monday morning, we were up again at the crack of dawn to catch our bus to Toronto. It was a quiet ride, and we got to our new hotel by 10am. We settled in, and then I took the hubby and Munchkin by the TTC out to catch the bus for the Toronto Zoo. I had a meeting with the PR people for the Hershey event, so I couldn't go with them. My meeting went well, and I came back to the hotel with the full intention of getting my long run in on the treadmill(it was a taper week, back down to 12k). I was about 5k in when my hubby texted me saying it was pouring rain and that I had to go meet them. So needless to say, I had to cut my long run short yet again, and fight rush hour traffic on the subway to go and collect them.

We decided that we would have a quiet dinner at Casey's which was across the street from the hotel. It was lovely, until the waiter cam back at the end of the dinner and told me my credit card was denied, three times. WHAT??? I went back to the hotel, called VISA, and found out that both hotels had incorrectly placed huge charges/holds on my card. I got the one in Toronto resolved immediately, but Great Wolf Lodge was very unhelpful, and basically said tough luck. They charged me $940, which was more than the room (not paid for by us) cost for the two nights we stayed there. They said they couldn't take the charge off my card, and that it would be processed by Wednesday, which was the day we were scheduled to come home. I was NOT impressed at all. I ended up having to increase my VISA limit so that I could pay for anything over the next two days. Luckily I had that option, and the VISA people were very understanding.

Tuesday was a quieter day, we lounged at the hotel all morning, got some great sleep, and then checked out, delivered our bags to a friends house (where we would stay that night) and went off the the National Smores Day event at the Harbourfront Centre. Munchkin got right into things, and went to work assembling s'mores for the public. She got a free hat and apron, and everyone thought she was great.

We got to chill with the people from Veritas (PR for Hershey in Canada) and Hershey people from PA, who offered us private tours of the factory and of the Hershey Kitchen if we ever made it to Pennsylvania. It was sweet. I ate WAY too many s'mores (because clearly, that was our job as the family with s'more) and the hubby and I got sunburnt faces (hubby because he didn't use suntan lotion at all. Me because I remembered to put suntan lotion on my arms, Munchkin's arms and face, but I forgot I hadn't done my own face. Duh!) That night, we had a calm night at my friend's place, and I got some swimming in, which I realized I missed very much in the past few weeks.

Wednesday was our last day of the trip, and we spent it wisely by heading over to the Ontario Science Centre. I used to love this place as a kid, and I was sure the Munchkin would love it too. We saw exhibits about the human body, walked through a rainforest, saw all sorts of small creatures, walked through a bat cave, and of course, we went through the Harry Potter exhibit that was on. It was a great day, and we didn't want to leave.

We ran out of there at 5:30, and had the intention of grabbing a quick meal before heading to the city centre airport. Well, the meal wasn't as rushed as I thought it would be, and then we hit traffic, a four car accident and a film crew who was probably taping an episode of Rookie Blue, which really slowed us down. That combined with a ferry that was filled with people arriving back in Toronto meant that we were running to the check in counter. Sadly, by the time we got there (which was only about 10 minutes later than the suggested time on Porter's website) they wouldn't let us on the plane. We had to pay $300 to catch the next flight, which was 2.5 hours later. Needless to say, we weren't happy, but we got home around 11pm, said hello to our cute but crazy dog who was dog-sat by the neighbour, and hit the sack.

I have been trying to update this blog since getting home, but it has been a whirlwind with clothing to wash, following up on that interview I went on (recap: interview went well, they kept asking why I didn't want to be a lawyer, they are in the process of checking my job history and references so I think I'll be getting a job offer! Happy to have stable employment, next step find perfect/ideal employment. It's a step in the right direction.) and preparing for Munchkin's 10th birthday party today. I went all domestic and baked cupcakes for her and her best friend, who can only eat items that are gluten free. I'm no Martha, but I did my best, and I think she'll enjoy them.

(the cupcakes spell Happy Birthday Munchkin too)

K, I'm off to enjoy the birthday supper and cupcakes (will update you on how they tasted... mmmm) so I will check in either tomorrow or Monday with a recap of my long run, which is supposed to be back up to 18k. I am going to try and get it done, but I might ease back to 16k since I haven't been able to fully run my long runs in the past two weeks.

Thanks all for being so patient with my delayed return to posting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Ok, so this is my first post like this, but I thought I would do a three things Thursday because I have several little things to share that have no coherent theme, so here goes nothing:

1. Recurrent nagging (rather than serious) injuries have been haunting me lately - Despite the amount of Body Glide I am using, I always have two blisters (one on the inside of each foot) and one patch of skin on the underside of my breast (TMI, I know, sorry but at least I didn't copy Marlene at and take pictures of it, since my injury is in a more R-rated place!) and one pulled groin muscle that refuse to go away. The groin is starting to concern me, it was so bad after my 7k/4.4mi run this morning that I was hobbling and having some problems with stairs, so I will probably be seeing a massage therapist soon. Don't want it to interfere with my newly paid for run in September!!!

2. Yesterday a FedEx guy came to my door bearing gifts:

This box.

I knew it was coming, but didn't expect it to be so large and filled with stuff! 35 pounds (15-16kgs) of marshmallows, graham crackers and 96 large Hershey chocolate bars, which according to Hershey, is a year's supply of s'mores making material! We'll be having a s'mores party very soon to thank our friends who voted and to celebrate our win.

3. As mentioned in previous posts, we are in the middle of organizing all the last minute details of our fun filled trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto. As a result, I won't be checking in probably from now until Thursday at the earliest. I am packing my gear and getting at least my 12k long run in, so you will have a running update, and I promise lots of fun photos to share!

Here's my bag and my stepdaughters, which I have pretty much packed (they both need a few things here and there:

Here's my ever so organized and prepared husband's bag:

Two things to note with this picture: 1) he takes a bigger bag then both of the girls in the house, because he wears more clothing then us, and he shops more. 2) all items currently in the bag are ones I PUT THERE!!!! He'll probably start throwing things in tomorrow night.... grrr...

So that's it for me for the week, hope you all check in next week for my post-vacation report!

P.S - check out two different contests for some pretty sweet prizes: - He's giving away a Garmin Forerunner 310XT!!! I would LOVE a Garmin that actually works all the time! - Marcia is giving away some cool custom made earbuds to rock out with your Ipod, mp3 player or whatever you use!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Officially Signed Up

So despite my little setback yesterday, I went ahead and did something I should have done ages ago: I signed up for my half marathon!

I wanted to do a half marathon in the fall, since I am not much of a winter runner (ok, I've only been a treadmill runner in the winter so far, but I'm hoping to get out there and run in the crazy Ottawa winter this year). There really are only two half marathons in the city: The Canada Army Run, which has a 1/2 marathon and a 5k, or the Fall Colours Half Marathon, which also has a marathon, a 1k, a 3k, a 5k and a 10k. This half marathon route is hilly and apparently much more challenging, so I decided to go for the Army Half. This means two things: I am going to get another dog tag medal to go with the medal from my Ottawa City Chase medal, and I am going to have a pretty unusual first anniversary!

Yes, I managed to get my dear husband to agree to me running off and going 21.1k in the morning, with a celebratory piece of wedding cake afterwards. I am even trying to convince him that he will be ready to run a 5k by that point. I am hoping it will be something we can participate in together.

So today was pretty crazy, I was trying to pack and finalize all the details for our trip this weekend to Niagara Falls and Toronto, and I had a phone interview for a full time, non-law job. They seemed impressed, so I have been scheduled for an in-person interview on Friday. Wish me luck!!! Finally I recieved a package via FedEx as part of our finalist prize for the Family with S'mores contest: a 35lb box flled with Hershey chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows!!! That's a lot of chocolate!

I'll try to check in by Friday of this week, but to hold you over until then, head on over to fellow blogger Kat's post and you could win a copy of Chicken Soup for the Runner's Soul:

Good Luck!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, today after the long weekend of lazing around and doing very little that was productive, I decided I would go out to do my long run, a 16km (10mi) that was almost bordering on a breeze last week.

I went to get up at 7am, but immediately was told by my hubby that not only was it raining already, but they were predicting severe thunderstorms in the next hour or so. Clearly, I should have paid more attention to the weatherman over the weekend and planned this run better, but hindsight is 20/20. I decided to roll over and grab a bit more sleep, and then see what the weather had in store for me later. So when I got up and it was no longer raining, I was excited. I checked the weather network and it said it was about 22 degrees outside (71.6F) and thought, "Let's go!"

I got dressed, headed outside, and tried to get going. But the whole time it was like a little chubby man was on my chest! I was heaving and sweating copious amounts, and I couldn't keep up with a normal pace. I knew I was in trouble when after 2k I contemplated turning right around. I wanted to push through my first loop (about 6.5k or 4mi) but my body was shutting right down. I was walking more than I ever have, and actually had to sit down on a ledge to catch my breath.

At that point, I decided that it was better to not finish than to kill myself, literally. I cut my 16k down to about 4.5k (2.8 miles) and called it a day. Disappointing, but hopefully the first and only time I am forced to do that during this period of training. When I got home, I found that the temperature was actually up at 24, but with the 85-90% humidity, it was feeling like 35 degrees Celsius (95F). I just couldn't will my body to keep pushing.

On a positive note, I filled my camelbak up to the brim, and still enjoyed having it with me. It sloshes a bit, and you can actually feel the water cooling the upper part of your back, which is nice. The one negative thing I would note about it is when the water reservoir is full, don't even contemplate putting anything in the front pocket if you want it during your run. That pocket is practically inaccessible, and should only be used for ID, not for gels.

I still hope to get some decent mileage in this week, as Saturday we fly off to Niagara Falls and Toronto for a 5 day whirlwind vacation. I hope to get my 12k long run in on a treadmill at the hotel, and hope that the other runs I can make up for by walking all over at Marineland, downtown Niagara, the Toronto Zoo and the Ontario Science Centre!!! We are so excited!