Wednesday, June 16, 2010

(Late) Tuesday Update!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for not updating yesterday, I got caught up in my mommy role last night, helping the kid with a project that was due today.

So update on running:
On Sunday I went out for my long run, which is currently supposed to be 7 km based on the running room half marathon program. So I mapped out a 7.5km route, updated my Ipod with a great running list (which I will eventually put up here) that goes on for 2.5 hours. I honestly felt way better about that run then any past run. The 7.5km flew by so easily, and by the end I felt wonderful. The only thing I am starting to realize is that I have to find other routes as I go on. For the 7.5km, I looped three times around my neighbourhood, and while it is quiet, it gets boring and monotonous. I need a bit of diversity and hope to find a nice quiet trail or path to run.

Tuesday, I did a quick steady 3km (3.2 actually), and it felt a bit tough, but I made it through with no walk breaks. In addition, I have the choice to either go uphill or downhill (well, to be fair, it is more of a slope then a hill, but other runners know that any elevation can feel like Mt. Everest!) and I chose to do the uphill route. Yeah me! I figured I did 3.2km in 22 minutes, which equates to about a 7min/km pace. I think this isn't too bad, but I'm a bit concerned I am trying to go too fast too soon. The running room schedule says I should be aiming for 9-10 minutes, but I am confused as to whether it is for kilometers or miles, because if it is for kilometers, I'd have to go SO slow! I think I'm ok.

Updates in my other life are that all day Monday, I drafted about 15 cover letters for the job hunt. On Tuesday I went to a local event to get a mentor, and dropped off two resumes personally, which was good timing because apparently one of the firms had a position they were soliciting resumes for. My resume would be a day late, but I tried to make it clear that I didn't know about the posting, and that I was not late, just coincidentally dropping it off at that time. Let's hope they accept it! I also applied for a job as a judicial assistant - basically a glorified administrative assistant for a federal level court. I think it would be a great stepping stone position if I can't get an associate position quickly.

This week's goals:

Today - might do a quick run. Haven't' decided yet. I also haven't decided if I am going to personally drop off resumes, or if I am going to email them. I think personally is better, but I never meet the lawyers, so I don't know if my appearance matters.

Ok, complete side note, I am DYING to get something from edible arrangements, specifically something chocolate covered. Mmmm, chocolate:

Ok, I'm done for now. Hopefully, sometime in the future, someone will follow me!!! I need someone to keep my accountable!

P.S - check out this awesome contest at Running Off at the Mouth!!!

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