Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm sick. Somehow I managed to make it through the winter, the blistery wind and the freezing cold, only to find the weather improving, the snow melting, and myself sick. I got a really great swim in on Tuesday, had a good day Wednesday at work, and then BAM, woke up on Thursday sick. I'm weak, shaky, sore body, sore throat, everything. Came home from work early with a file in case I didn't go in today, and curled up on the couch. Actually, I came in and made a double batch of pea soup, my newest obsessions, and some of these:

My PB&J larabar-balls. The recipe I followed tastes good, but I think the ratio of nuts to squishy stuff was off, so I will play with it in the future.

Then I tried to curl up on the couch, but with the hubby and Munckin at home, somehow everyone still expected me to make supper, eat with them, clean off the table, run the dishwasher, and do most of the general house tasks. My husband even dared to make a loud sigh that he had to make the Munckin's lunch. Boo hoo.

I skipped my workout last night and crashed out early, hoping I would feel good enough to go to work today. That failed, and I have found myself at home today as well, curled up in my Papasan chair with a blanket, trying to get my body healed.
My first real trial, one that I will actually have go forward and not settle at the courtroom door is on Tuesday, and I can say, I am not excited for it on several fronts. It's not the best file, and my clients have unrealistic expectations. I don't expect to win; my clients will have to pay out money, but if I can get through the trial without them trying to blame me for the failure of their case, I'll consider it a success. I just hope I feel better by the time I have to launch into my opening arguments in court.
Any home remedies on how to get healthy?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Springtime Snow?

This weekend was gloriously beautiful in Ottawa, the sun was out, it was about 7 degrees celcius and my friend managed to convince me it was warm enough to get my wussy ass outside for a change. We suited up in the most interesting attire, me with my pink Ryder glasses (awesome piece of running gear, LOVE them), my electric blue mittens, and a bright orange running room jacket my friend provided me because I literally don't have any winter, or fall, or spring running gear. I looked like rainbow brite threw up on me, and sadly, I was proud of it. No one was going to miss seeing me if I fell on my face on the ice!

The run actually went really well, almost 5k outside and only needed to slow down twice for some serious ice patches. No clue on the time, but it got done. I actually enjoyed being outside, and thought that my transition from gym running to outside running might be in the works for the season. That is, until I got up this morning to see this, on the first day of spring:

Within hours, it is back to the miserable, cold Ottawa I know and hate all winter. Why won't it go away?? I know it will get better from here on out, but I just want the winter blahs to be gone. On a positive note, since I have been focusing on my weight, I have lost a whopping 6 pounds! That's huge considering I am only 5'4" when I stand really tall, and only had about 10-15 to lose. Here's hoping I can continue the momentum I have gained so far.
I have found a great, if odd new replacement for sugar. As I have stated before, I am a sugar addict, it is my #1 weakness, but I have just recently ventured to try nature's best sugar source:


I am thinking about making my own power/energy/lara bars this weekend, and will report back the success (or lack thereof) later. For now, I will leave you with a link to the best slow cooker pea and ham soup I made this weekend. Just a caution, cook less than the time listed, or add more liquid, because this soup is more a puree than thin, and I had it come out of my lunch container into a bowl in one blob (shaped in the edge of my container) today. But it is tasty!
Anyone have a good larabar recipe that does not include pecans, walnuts or cashews? Please share!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Ways I Break the Rules

Inspired from today's post over at SUAR I thought I would come up with my 10 ways I break the rules. To make it challenging, I am not going to use any of the ones already mentioned like speeding (which I think most of us are guilty of), saying things to our kids and then doing them, etc.

So, here's my original list:
1. I almost always check my personal email/blogs etc at work. Not always outside of regular working time. Sometimes you just need a break to clear the mind!

2. I get wickedly dry lips in the winter, and I peel off the dry skin. It drives me nuts when my lips are rough. I know if I didn't pick, they'd go away fast, but I can't help it.
3. I rarely ever clean off my makeup before going to bed. Waking up with raccoon eyes is not uncommon.

4. I am guilty of being possessive about my own things (especially food I have bought for myself) and then sneaking bites of the things my husband and step-daughter by for themselves.
5. I am a seasonal runner at best. Winter + running don't generally combine in my head, and I let myself slide in the winter. Most runners, especially those with further distances under their belt, don't do that. Makes me feel a bit ashamed some days, and contributes to my "I must not be a REAL runner" feeling.

6. I reuse my gym clothes sometimes when I feel lazy -throw it in the dryer, hope I don't smell too much the next gym day.

7. Don't know if it is a rule, but people often think it is strange that I sleep with socks on, and wear socks all year round, unless I have to wear heels that they show.

8. I forget birthdays and special occasions a lot. Usually I catch myself like the day of and scramble to put something together.

9. I don't budget per se. I look at my expenses coming out and income going in every two weeks or so to know how much will be in my bank account in a given time frame, and spend accordingly. This method has worked very well for me over the years. If I was to follow a normal suggested budget, it wouldn't work for me because my car expenses (mandatory for the job) exceed the cost of my rent every month... :S

10. My general eating habits are awful! I can't keep track, I overeat and under eat some days, I don't get enough grains or protein, I love sugar and junk food, and I have little to no self control. The only reason I stay somewhat healthy is the exercise (5 times this week! Score!) and the tracking I remember to do during the day.

It was so hard to think of things not already mentioned by SUAR and the commenters on her post - can anyone think of new things to admit to? The only other one I have in my mind is leaving a job and taking some office supplies with me. But I wouldn't do that.... I'm a lawyer.... :P
What are the ways you break the rules?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous...

I know, I know, I'm posting this on Sunday so it's not Monday yet, but considering the way my weeks have been going at work, this is the best time to write this so you all can read it on Monday. The time change is already killing me, and I am sure it will only go downhill this week.

Yesterday, I woke up bright and early to get to the gym with my constant companion Tina. We are constantly going to the gym and getting a swim in, but we decided to try and double up due to a missed workout on Thursday and hop of the treadmill for a half hour or so before getting a swim in. I'm still slowly easing into more workouts as the weather gets better and the days get longer, so this was a good effort on our part.

So we get up all bleary eyed and get changed before I realize that I have managed to leave my shoes at home. Not wanting to go back home, we contemplated the options. Skip the treadmill, wear my winter boots, or hop on the treadmill in sock or bare feet, and see if anyone noticed. I try to be as considerate as possible for others, but at the same time, it was going to kill me to not get on the treadmill after putting all that effort in to get to the gym.
So I walked out of the change room in my socks, and hopped on a treadmill. Did 30 minutes of walking on a 4% incline and some tentative running in shoeless feet. It was definitely an interesting experience - I know there are a group of runners out there that do barefoot running, but I would never consider it actively due to the risk of stepping on something and hurting myself. Running on a safe surface, you really notice the difference in how your feet strike the ground, and it was enlightening. Not a single person noticed that I did not have shoes on - or no one said anything to me or pointed and stared. Score one for me!

So I've got four workouts planned this week which should help me make it through the tough times at work. I love work, but I have a few big matters moving forward soon which are stressful and time consuming. One is my first true trial, which I already know will end with my clients paying out money. The question is how much will they have to pay, and will I avoid getting sued or reported to the law society by them. Not my favourite clients.

To cheer me up and give me some energy, I am trying hot yoga at my gym Monday night. It is costly at my gym (boo for it not being included in the membership!), but I have done it before, and I always walk out feeling both refreshed and exhausted all at the same time. It is yoga, but sweatier, and I am a sweat loving kind of girl.... ;)

Then class on Tuesday, swim or run on Thursday, and maybe another mini-brick workout on Saturday morning. Here's hoping all the exercise will counteract the crap I have been eating lately. Cookies, doughnuts, cake, all need to be banned if I want to get that dreaded extra weight off. I try not to make this a weight loss blog, but darn it, it is hard to say no to the sugar! I finally received my dress for my best friend's wedding:

and I need to look good in it! I had been lusting over this dress for ages, and I happened to see one in stock, only one, and only in my size a few weeks ago and snatched it up. I think I may have ordered the absolute last one, as it has now been taken down from the only website I could find it on. Scores for me!

What do you do to avoid the sugar cravings? How do you say no to the cookies and sweets in the office and at home (other than tossing them)?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Double timing...

So despite my best intentions to register for a race early and save on fees, as of last week I still had not signed up for anything this year. Talk about being lazy, but really, it has more been a money issue than anything else. Since that raise isn't coming yet, I am trying to stretch our money as far as possible. I want to do a 10k in May, but really, I haven't been running as much as I should. The pool in my gym (saltwater, with a sauna) is drawing me in these days, so the treadmill is seeming very unappealing.

So I suddenly found a world of motivation last week, when my friend and I discovered two races in our region that are going to be AWESOME. I have paid for the first, and the second we are trying to gather a group for to reduce fees. I am proud to say I will be running the following races:

1. Perth Kilt Run - 8k.

This race was organized last year a a Guinness book of world records attempt to set a new record for the most number of people running in, you guessed it, a kilt. They had 1200 people run, and it was an amazing success, selling out long before the run. But it was supposed to be a one off, so I was happy to find out they are organizing it again this year. The spots are still limited (just over 2000) so I jumped and signed up asap. For $60, you get your entry and a bona fide kilt to run in. It won't be a PR run, but it will be fun. Keep your eyes out for pictures like this in the future:

2. The Spartan Race - 5k
Some of you in the US may have heard of this race, or the Warrior dash. Basically, it is a course of approximately 5k, where you run and also have to manoeuvre around a number of muddy dirty obstacles. I expect to climb through mud under barbed wire, run through fire, and generally get my ass kicked. Most people end the race looking like this:

Best part about these races? They take place on the SAME WEEKEND. Am I crazy? Yes, more than a little. Will I be physically exhausted at the end of it? Absolutely. Am I going to love every minute? Yes, because it is competition, but with a lot of fun to take the edge off of my overly competitive nature.

So from now until June, I have to get my motivation back and hop on that treadmill. I am in a biggest loser type competition right now to try and lose the extra 10-15 pounds I am currently carrying. Here's hoping by the Spartan race, I will look like one... :P

Anyone else signed up for some crazy races this year? Tell me about them!