Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, my blog has to start somewhere, and I figured, why not start it in the logical fashion, by introducing myself and what I plan on doing with this blog.

I am 26 years old (haha, I wrote 25, didn't catch my mistake until previewing the post). I am a happy newlywed, married for a little over 8 months now. The past 8 years of my life, if not longer, has been wrapped up with my educational pursuits, working my way through two degrees in my pursuit of the ultimate career - becoming a lawyer.

I am one of those unusual people who has their mind set from an early age about what they want to do. Since I was 17, I wanted to be a lawyer - not a skeevy, mob-defending, money-hungry, weasel of a lawyer, but a crusader for the little guy, someone who can help right the wrongs of life. So I finished high school, and did my undergrad in criminology.

Then I went onto law school, three years of life-sucking hell to some, so I could reach my goal. Law school really can be as bad as you think - all consuming, intense, overwhelming, and in many cases, very similar to high school with cliques and competitiveness and bitchiness. That being said it was ALL worth it to get to my dream. I pushed through contracts, business, real estate, criminal, family, every area of law you can think of and I thought it was all over, but somehow I didn't realize I still had one more year to go; I had to do articling.

I went into interviews thinking, all I have to do is land one job, anywhere that I can, at a firm that is welcoming and where I can do the type of law I want to do. So I started the interview process. No one tells you that the interview process for articling has NOTHING to do with your academic abilities, nothing to do with your experience; it is all a dumb personality contest and a process where law firms determine what they need, whether that be a person with a specific interest in a small area of law, or someone who has no life and will be willing to work all hours of the day, or even worse, someone that first a specific quota for the firm, be it a certain sex, race, sexual orientation, etc. Law firms can amazingly ignorant of the law when they are doing something they want - did you know most law firms don't even offer employment contracts??

Anyways, somehow I fought my way through the process, and I got pretty lucky. I got a great position at a great small firm. I thought, this is it. I can finally settle down, I can finally start my ever after. No more hectic life, switching between work and school, I'm settled. And it really was wonderful! I did great work, helping people who were injured get money for their losses, I loved the people I was working with and loved the work I was doing. It really couldn't get better.

During this period, two really important things happened:

#1, I got married. BEST DAY EVER!!!!!
#2, Two weeks into my employment and one month before my wedding, I fell down a flight of stairs and seriously hurt my left knee. Up to that point, I had been running about three times a week, and had completed my first race, a 10K. I loved running. The running had to be put on hold, and it was kind of ok, because I was so busy with work and life (you know, getting married keeps you busy... ;) )

So fast forward to this month, and the real reason why we are here. My dream, and my expectations were suddenly changed last month when I was pulled into a meeting with my two bosses. I knew my ongoing employment as an articling student was coming to an end, and the question of my being rehired had to be dealt with. My bosses, J and T, pulled me into an office, and let me know: they loved me, they loved my work, but they couldn't afford to keep me. That moment broke my heart. I knew that was what I wanted, and where I wanted to be, and that was taken away from me. Devastated is an understatement.

So I started looking for a new job, and things haven't went that well. Despite the fact that I have been doing this "law" thing for 4+ years, my experience = ZERO. Nothing. No one wants to hire "new calls." So here I am, 3 days from officially being called to the bar as a lawyer, and utterly and totally unemployed.

The name of the blog, Running from the Law, is a statement with where I think I am right now. The law job thing isn't working right now, so I am currently on EI until I can find something. I figured, what better time, now that my knee has had some time to heal (it isn't 100% yet, I am still experiencing more problems than I should, considering my medical and legal options) to pick up where I left off with running. My plan is to get fit, get back to the wedding weight, and run further than I ever have. So I am going to blog my progress with law and with running, with my end goals being a) get a job as a lawyer at a firm that I love, and b) run a half marathon. My goal half marathon is the Army Half in Ottawa, Ontario, which happens to be on my first anniversary in September. We'll see what my husband says about that... :S

So, sorry for the epic post, but now you have the background info, and you can know where I am coming from. Hopefully I will be able to write here 2-3 times per week, updating my life.

This week's goals:
Sunday - slow run with hubby (distance depends on him)
Monday - swim - I really need to figure out my distances here, but one hour
Tuesday - run, slow and steady 3-5 km
Wednesday - my parents are up, I become a lawyer!
Thursday - 3-5Km run
Friday - swim
Saturday - run with hubby
Sunday - going to try and get my first long run - just 7km for this week, to build up over time.

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