Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amazing Story - Brother Love

Ok, so I am not one to be overly sentimental or anything, but I read this story, and it got to me, hard.

So many of us complain about the things we can't do, or the things we don't think we do well enough, complain about the weather or how tired we are, but how many of us give ourselves like this little boy did? How many of us have the mentality that we can do anything, it just takes some hard work? That every run is worth smiling about, because we have the ability to get up every morning, brush our teeth and hair, feed ourselves, dress ourselves, and run? I know I often forget about that sentiment, and this little boy just reminded me to suck it up and do my best, but also that it is always an amazing thing to help others.

Just WOW.

So go out there and do some good today. I'm going to try and pay it forward in the next couple of days by helping someone who needs it, without thinking about my race time, without complaining about the effort or time spent to make someone smile.

Race reports will be coming soon - just waiting on photos! I can tell you, the runs were both hot and sweaty, and I survived both of them. More to come!

Three Things Thursday

Short and sweet this one will be, since I am supposed to be working but can't focus with the long weekend looming!
1. We are homeowners! Yes, everything went well, and we now own a home of our own. Now the fun of moving in, making minor repairs, and paying for everything starts! Here she is:
2. Saturday I am out and about doing the Perth Kilt Run. I had hoped to do some baking for their scone competition, but it just isn't going to happen. To enter, I would have to drop the scones off by 12pm, and the race doesn't start until 6. Way too early in my books. I'll be looking out for Mr. Andrew Opala, who is also running this race.
3. Here's hoping that I don't kill myself on Saturday, because right on that races heels, I have the Spartan Race! So excited, despite MANY reports of people getting hurt. I'll just be careful, and take my time. Still looking forward to racing it with 7 great friends, then BBQ and drinks afterwards.
What are your long weekend plans?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foodie Moodie Tuesday

Lame title, I know, but a good way to combine the two topics of the day. Moodie because this is a crazy week for us, my work is super busy, we are having last minute problems with our house deal which is supposed to close on Monday, my father-in-law is having surgery today so my husband is away, and I have events every night this week, most of which are luckily exercise! I ran 4k with my 15 year old protege last night, and she is doing so well! up to half a kilometer of running straight in intervals, she responds so well. I have started using a scale of one to ten to gauge her exhaustion and push her, and it is working so well.
Tonight I have a swim and yoga/tai chi/pilates class, then tomorrow I have a run of unknown distance with friends, then another run on Friday morning. Hopefully I can fit in some more exercise on the weekend, as next weekend is my big race weekend!!! Trying to be fit for it - I think I am ready, but still get pre-race nerves regardless.
As for the foodie part, I noticed quite a few bloggers giving comments on why they are vegetarian ( and strange food habits ( today, so I thought I would roll with it and give some of my strange food preoccupations too! (Sorry for the long links, Blogger is awfully temperamental these days!!!)
Here's a top ten list:
1. If I lived alone, my fridge would be poorly stocked, but I'd be happy. I could live off very few different types of foods and eat them over and over again and be happy. But sadly, I live with others, and need to vary my meals at least for supper quite frequently.
2. I was a SUPER picky eater when I was young, and I still am picky-ish. I have introduced some foods to my edible list, but a bunch of things still don't make the list, like most citrus fruits, brussell sprouts, and things that look scary to try (passion fruit, things like this)
3. I could eat all day and be happy. I used to be heavier than I am now by about 30 pounds, and I have to really control what I eat, or else I could just go on and on with crap food. Losing weight and maintaining a good diet is a challenge for me.
4. On that note, I am a sugar addict. Thought about joining the sugar free blogger challenge but was too scared. Tried to do it on my own and didn't last a day. I need sugar, every day. Today I have had honey flavoured soy nuts, fruit and sweetened yogurt, and sweetener in my tea. I cannot pass free sugar without a thought, which makes my office a hard place to work in. One of my colleagues is the "candy bowl" person, she has three different forms of candy. Plus we have timbits and other goodies every week, and currently have a box of ice cream bars in our freezer.
5. I love making weird foods. Combinations that people look at me like I am a crazy person for. My favourite when I was young was to take a bagel, melt mozzarella cheese on it and put BBQ sauce on that. Now I am more likely to take a can of chickpeas and go wild with other additions and flavours, so at least I am getting a bit healthier.
6. I have a strange relationship with eggs. Sometimes I go for months eating them for breakfast, and then all of a sudden, I am sickened at the sight and smell of them.
7. I am a food sneaker. I guess it is a strong guilt complex, but I will sneak junk food so no one knows - see sugar addiction above!
8. I am currently addicted to smoothies. Some days I have two a day - one for breakfast, one for supper. All with fruit, yogurt, protein and healthy, but still.
9. I am in love with this site:
10. Since moving from small town hickville to a bigger city, I love trying new types of food. In hicksville, the only "ethnic" or "international" food we had was Chinese and pizza. Now I love Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Caribbean, Japanese, anything I can get my hands on. Desperately wanting to try Ethiopian.
What about you? Any strange food facts to share?
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So after doing very little running these days, averaging once a week if I am lucky, I just did something that scares the crap out of me - I signed up for a fall half! Redoing the Army Half Marathon in Ottawa, hoping to beat my time from the first time I did it. Same course, so I guess I better start cracking on the hill training, because the hill on this course somewhere around 16k killed me last time.
I have a friend who has vowed to run it with me, so I am optimistic, if not scared shitless! I better get running eh?
Off to the gym to get at least 5-10k in! Better find a training plan too!
What have you done lately to scare yourself (or others)? Sign up for a half marathon? HTC application? Show off your bruised bottom at the gym?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales for Tuesday

Over the past week I had a series of unfortunate events occur to me, including an episode where I fell down a flight of stairs (while carrying a plate of food, which of course fell and stained the white carpet) in a place with about 50 people I didn't know. I had got all dressed up for a celebration for one of my friends, who had a ton of her Pakistani family over at the house, as well as a few friends. They had the narrowest stairs, and I ended up sliding on down the stairs to the basement, taking out another girl on the way down and thoroughly embarrassing myself.
Once I hit the floor, I knew I had hit my butt, ahem, left posterior muscles pretty hard, but I played it off until I went home. Taking off my pants was horrible, and I soon found a welt the size of a telephone receiver across my bum. That welt turned into a big horrible black and purple bruise, which made sitting and taking the stairs incredibly painful and running out of the question. Over 9 days later, I am still bruised.
I went to the gym on Tuesday of last week, just to swim, and I swear I must have confused people when they caught a glimpse of my purple butt. It is not something you actively try to do in a public change room, but with a bruise this size, every one's eyes were naturally drawn to the mark. I can only imagine what must have been going through the minds of the people around me. In my mind, there are only three potential reasons for having a bruise that big in that location:
1 I had a horrible accident and should be pitied. No one seemed to by believing this one.
2. My husband beats me. I had at least one woman walk up to me and stare at me, evaluating if I needed help getting out of my abusive relationship. What do you do in that circumstance? You can't say what happened (oh, i just fell down a flight of stairs) because they won't believe that it is the truth!
3. The only other reason that comes to my mind is that my husband beats me - and I like it. S&M would explain the mark, but again, it causes me to be looked at like a freak. Definitely a fun day at the gym.
So after the long week of healing, I have finally had a good day. I am super busy at work, but two things have went my way today:
1. I get to announce my big news - we bought a house!!!! There will be a lot of running around for a while yet, but we take possession late this month and move in next month. It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.
2. I got news this morning that I won not one, but two AMAZING giveaways!!! In the near future I will be the proud owner of these two items:
A Delta in2ition two-in-one shower head!
And an awesome Allied Metal display!!!
I am so excited to get both of these, do a great review (and maybe giveaway if I can convince either company to give me one for your guys!) and place both items in my new home.
Running tonight - will report in soon!
So, what would you love to win in a blog giveaway? Running gear? Cooking supplies? Household products?