Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Update

Well, so far, so good this weekend. I went to my call to the bar on Wednesday, and surprisingly, it went far better than I had expected. No one was catty or rude to me, no one mocked or made fun of my for not having a job, and I generally enjoyed myself. What was strange is that in my last two graduations (and all my life) my last name started with a P, and now it is a B, so I suddenly was front row centre and had to go up on stage WAY earlier than I was used to, but it was ok. I had to sit beside some guy who "nukked" when laughing (nuk,nuk,nuk rather than hahaha) so was glad when I got to walk across the stage and get away from him.

Thursday after my parents left I got in a 3k run, which I only walked once through. That's progress!

No running yesterday, not sure if I am going to follow this Running Room plan perfectly, it sugests 5 runs a week, which is a lot of time and effort.

As for the work front, I'm still unemployed. I have made a massive list of law firms in the area, and I am slowly trying to find out what areas of law they practice in before applying everywhere. I hate the application process. It is depressing and too time consuming. I did go to my workplace on Friday, and was slightly happy when I found out that they had a miserable week without me. Who knows, maybe they'll bring me back.... lol. I can always hope!

Tomorrow - 7k!

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