Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ok, so here's an update of my week:

Sunday - I went out and had the most lovely run, better than I could have imagined. MY husband, who is just getting into this running thing, has been using DJ Steveboy's Podrunner couch to 5k program (http://www.djsteveboy.com/1day25k.html) which I LOVED when I first started running. It is a great program that eases you into it, allowing you to progress slowly without pushing too hard and getting frustrated or injured. So his first week program had 8 one minute running intervals, and I just stuck with him for the entirety of his program before taking off on my own and doing a 2.5k loop on my own without stopping. In total, I covered about 7km, but will have to work on doing my runs with my dear husband (DH) on the days when I have a short run scheduled, at least until he gets more endurance. All in all, not too bad.

Monday - my intentions were to go swimming at the public pool, but there was so much to prepare for my parents coming up for my call to the bar, and I honestly just didn't feel like it. I went into town and "signed the rolls" which is really just filling out two forms and signing my name in a large book. It was amusing to me that this is the first graduation ceremony I have had since being married, and I have jumped up from the P's to the B's. Anyways, then I met up with two friends and had lunch, which was nice, but somewhat depressing. My one friend kept her job and is jetting off with her family for the summer. She admitted that 90% of her work during articling was research. Meanwhile, I spent most of my time on my feet, drafting legal documents and going to trial with my supervisors. Just depressing, that's all. So I had a little ice cream and felt better. As a note to any foodies out there, the best new ice cream out these days are the new Loblaws flavours! My favourite, PC Sprinkle Party Cake Ice Cream, actually tastes like cake with icing and ice cream with sprinkles! And at $3 for almost a litre, it is great. Check it out:

Tuesday (aka today) - has been a nightmare. My plan to run 4K was almost foiled by my townhouse, which decided everything involving water in my house had to overflow. So both my toilet (ewwww) and wash basin left water everywhere, even dripping through my ceiling. I was NOT impressed. So I spent an hour cleaning up, then finally decided the rest could wait, and went out and vented my frustrations. It was supposed to be a slow steady (aka no walk) run, but I did stop for a few moments twice along the route. Not too bad, but something I will have to work on. Now I am sitting at home waiting for a repair guy to come look at my house, and waiting for my parents to arrive. My call to the bar is tomorrow, and I honestly just don't want to go. I don't feel excited for it, probably because it is anti-climactic when you have no job. I don't want to see the catty colleagues I have managed to avoid for the past ten months, and I don't want the pitiful looks that will come once I answer the question:"So, where are you working then?" But, my parents, hubby, Father-in-law and stepdaughter are excited for it, so I guess I have to go. At least running is keeping me sane and happy.

Ok, off to scour the job postings for the day... yippee... :S I'll check in later this week!

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