Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finally!! Hills!!!

Ok, so I will start this off by saying, no, I am not one of those strange people who live for hills. I dreaded them from the beginning, as my only experience with a hill was after 6 km into my first (and only) 10k race, and it was a HUGE hill. I made it up without walking, but I honestly never wanted to do it again.

I have finally reached week 6 of my training, which incorporated hills for the first time. I don't know if I truly know how to do hills; my approach was to try and keep a consistent and decent pace both up and down them. I thought it was the best way to tackle them. Unfortunately, I don't have many hill options around my house. The only "hills" that were close enough are two highway overpasses on a busy road. I try to keep my running off the main streets, solely because I don't think I am a visually impressive runner: I move decently, but I'm not speedy Gonzales. Anyways, I finally went out for a 3 k run that included an out and back over these two overpasses. I was nervous approaching them, I hesitated starting, and then I was off. I was honestly shocked that they really weren't as deadly as I expected. I didn't even feel like I was hitting any physical or mental wall. Does this mean I was doing them wrong? Do I need to push harder?

I am looking forward to my 12k run tomorrow, but I am a bit concerned since we came home tonight to find 6(!) police cars that had cordoned off the park that is on my running route about two blocks from our home. With that many police cars, we figure that it was a murder or attempted murder. Guess I better get on that RoadID, eh? Gotta love livin' in the ghetto...

As for life, no word from the law office about my interview, but I care to believe that due to the holiday, people might be out of town. I have to face reality tomorrow and call them to get a straight answer. At least I am finally getting some money from the government, so we aren't scraping the bottom of the barrel anymore. I think that if this job prospect falls through, I will start looking for 3 different job options:

1) a lawyer job: this is the ideal, but most places don't hire over the summer, and I am a new call, so insignificant to most firms. Counter intuitive, but they want you to have experience and yet won't hire you on as a new call to get the experience you need.

2) a part time job to supplement EI: Yes, this is legal. I didn't know that either until this streak of unemployment, but I can work almost 2 days a week at minimum wage to bring in more money, which would pre-occupy my time a bit more (I'm losing my mind being home and so broke) and still give me some time to job-search and run.

3) a full time job that pays more than EI and part time combined: If I can find it, this would be great. more money plus less boredom. The problem is finding something with pay that high in this economy. An agency I called told me these days, most people are better off on EI, because they earn more. OUCH. Plus, people look at me and go "overqualified - she'll never stay."

Life goes well, I might be a finalist in a nation-wide contest which would give us a shot at a family trip this summer. I will share more details soon, but it has to do with my awesome s'mores buffet that we had at our wedding:

Ok, I'm going to wrap up this post with my goals for July (something I have seen on other people's blogs and am totally stealing:

1) stay on track with half training, getting 3+ runs in every single week.

2) find A job, something that falls in the above 3 categories

3) I really would like to be more careful with my eating, I was hoping to lose some weight in the past month, and I really didn't despite all efforts. I need to say no to the cookies, and yes to water and carrots. I have a bridesmaid dress to look fabulous in for September! I would love to lose at least 3 pounds this month (seems small, but I only want to lose max 10 in 2.5 months)

Ok, will check in over the next couple of days!

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