Friday, October 1, 2010

October Goals

Well, suddenly I realized today that September is gone, and October has shown up with all its fall colours. Life is finally settling down, and I am reminded of the fact that I really have no goals to work towards right now. I got a job, I ran a half marathon, so now I need to set up new tasks to keep me on track. So here goes nothing:

1. Running - stay with a running routine, try to get 2-3 runs a week, 5k or more, hopefully with a longer run each week. Also I need to convince my hubby to hurry up and start running 5k. He is holding himself back with fear, and I need a running buddy if I am going to keep dragging my sorry butt outside as it gets cold, so I figure I can convince him to suffer with me. Runs scheduled: 10k on the 10th right now, hopefully I will get the money for the resolution run (5k with hubby) soon.

2. Personal Development - First, start eating better and drop some weight. Goal would be 4 pounds this month, and about 10 pounds overall. Less chocolate and ice cream, more carrots and tea. Second, go out with my husband more. Have dates every couple of weeks. Keep up with social engagements with friends, despite the fact I won't have as much free time with work. Sleep more, wash my face every day, take care of me. This summer drove me nuts a bit, so I hope with work comes routine, and with routine comes some self control and sanity.

3. Work - settle into a routine. Not rip my hair out at the 2 hours of driving I will be doing each day. Like my job, like the people I work with, learn a lot about being a lawyer. Feel confident in my abilities.

4. Blog - stay interesting. Host my first giveaway! Start doing some of the regular posts (three things Thursday, wordless Wednesday, etc). Read and comment on what others are doing whenever I can.

Ran only 2.5k on my toes on Wednesday. Felt ok, but didn't want to push them. I think they will stick around for a while, so I'm pretty happy about that. Have to get out for a run this weekend, keep my mileage up so I am ready for my virtual races next week!

Sending good weekend vibes to all!