Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doubling up...

So, you know you are officially a runner when you agree to double up your runs, going out with two different people in one day. On Monday, after running 10k for the 10/10/10 virtual races, I wake up to my husband chomping at the bit to go out and run. He doesn't invite me often anymore, so when he asked if I wanted to come (probably because he thought my legs would be tired and I would keep better pace for him) I happily agreed. We only did a quick 2.5k, but it felt nice.

I get home, have a quick shower, and get a phone call from my original half marathon buddy. She asks me to run with her, but she's all the way across town, and I have to run out for a few things. She says it's ok, so I go about my merry way.

I get home, and out of the blue a friend who now lives about 5 hours away gives me a call - she is in town for a wedding, still has her bridesmaid hairdo and is functioning on 3 hours of sleep, but do I want to go running with her? Since I haven't seen her in forever, I put my running clothes back on and do 5k more with her. I know it doesn't seem like a big accomplishment, but I think running twice in one day shows some level of dedication (or insanity).

On a final note, I finally caved and bought bright red nail polish for my toes. My philosophy at this point is, if they are going to fall off, I don't want to know until it happens. So they are back to looking pretty!

I think I might have a giveaway coming in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!!!


  1. I've only doubled up once and I felt pretty hardcore doing it. I definitely think it's a big accomplishment and shows crazy dedication. Good job you!

    I keep my toes painted a nice dark chocolate cherry color (almost black)... works wonders for ugly toenails. :)

  2. Nice work! And I agree dark polish is the bomb!

  3. great job..I've done that as well and feel so bad ass.
    I am determined to try to clean my feet up a bit this weekend. They are sad as are my naked toenails.