Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snowy Saturday?

I can't believe it, but for the past two days, there has been snow falling in our region. Sure, it's sporadic, and sure, it's not staying on the ground, but really? The minute I see snow, I start to re-evaluate my overall plan to run outside all winter. I am VERY cold adverse, and Ottawa frequently sees temperatures of -30 to -40 with windchill (so -22 to -40 for you Americans) which makes me believe I might just end up chickening out and staying in my warm bed.

I have been looking into other options, the prime ones being either buying a new treadmill, or signing up with a local gym. One is opening in my neighbourhood, will be 24 hour, and has decent rates ($40/mo) for people who sign up now and in the gym's early days, but I am still hesitant. I mean, it still takes a lot of dedication to get out of bed and drive over to the gym on a cold wintery day, even if that gym has a pool, hot yoga room, and 20 million treadmills.

Going to head out for a run this afternoon, and this week is looking like above normal weather, so for now, I don't have to worry about snow-covered ground screwing up my runs.

On some positive notes, I recently won a set of Ryder sunglasses in Laura's Jog for Joubert Syndrome !!! They look awesome, and I can't wait to try them out on my runs. I have been using my husband's discards (he goes through a lot of pairs of sunglasses) and it will be nice to have a pair of my own. Since they are pink, I am pretty sure that he's not going to steal them. Will need to double check Munchkin doesn't try to nick them though!

Lastly, you have one more day to get your entry in for my $30 CSN Stores Giveaway!!!! Glad to see that I have gotten more entries than before, but I am still hoping for more to roll in before tomorrow. Good luck to everyone (and welcome to my new followers!!!)

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  1. Oh I'm feeling for you! I despise snow and I think I'd be depressed to see it so early. Winter is hard. I hope you figure out the right solution to get you through it!