Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Recap and November Goals

So, October has been one heck of a month for us! My mom falling being hospitalized, having surgery and being cleared as cancer free, my father-in-law being hospitalized, and thankfully released yesterday, starting my new job and trying to stay sane. I posted my goals at the beginning of the month, and I thought that I had failed miserably on them. But, I am pleased to say that some things worked out:

- Running: I did do my virtual 10k races, which I won two! prizes for. I will definitely model my new gear once it comes in.
- Personal Development: there has been less ice cream and more carrots and tea. I am drinking more water, staying socially involved despite my long commute to work, and falling into a good routine.
- Work: I am still employed, so I think I am doing ok! Lots of clients, I am starting to feel like I am a part of the team, and sometimes, I even feel like I know what I am talking about. Still lots of improvement to do here though.
- blog - first giveaway done! I am also reading and commenting on a lot of your blogs when I can.

So on other things, I have not done as well. My new office has Tim Horton's runs every Thursday and Friday (Tim Hortons = the Canadian Dunkin' Donuts for you Americans) and I have failed on self control. My runs have also not been happening. Sad but true.

SO, in the past couple of days, I have been setting myself up for a good November. My friend and I have set up a healthy challenge to try and get fit. Basically, there are positive things and negative things that you can do, and a dollar value attached to each. So going for a 5k run = $5 in the bank, and eating a donut = $2 lost. The goal each day is to have a positive amount to put in the bank for a splurge item in the future. This will start tomorrow. She is holding me accountable, and vice versa, so I hope that my eating will get better.

Secondly, I decided to sign up for a gym in my neighbourhood today. It will be open in the next month or so, and will have a hot yoga room, group fitness classes, spin classes, a 25m pool and aquafit classes, lots of treadmills and is open 24 hours a day for most of the week. I know I should run outside over the winter, but I am convinced that with the days getting darker and the weather getting colder, it won't happen as much as it should, and I wanted a backup plan. This way, for the cost of one fitness class a week, I am getting access to a variety of different fitness options. Two friends in my neighbourhood have also joined, so I am sure to have gym buddies to keep me accountable!

So, with all that said, my November goals are:

1) Run more often. Nuff said.

2) Eat healthy - I would love to avoid the sweets 6/7 days a week. I think I will cave on one of the donut days, but if I am good the rest of the time it evens out. I want to try and not eat after supper, which is my worst snacking time of the day. Keep my water consumption up.

3) Keep going on the rest of my October goals. I don't want any behaviours that are positive to go to the wayside.

What are your November goals? How are you going to keep life interesting and keep yourself active as it gets colder?

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  1. I like your monthly goals! Really neat. I have lots of goals for November and have broken them down into weekly goals. I post my weekly goals on Sunday.

    It is the end of the month at my law firm so very busy here! We should be grateful we have jobs in this economy :) Happy early November to you!