Monday, October 25, 2010

CSN Winner!!!

Well, my CSN Stores Giveaway contest is officially a success!!! I am happy that there were 40 entries received, and a bunch of new followers. Welcome to everyone! I wish I had enough gift certificates to give away to you all! did my draw for me, and the winner is entry #15!!! So congratulations to LAURIE from the (Mis)adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom who has won my $30 gift certificate!!! I think it is ironic that Laurie won this, since she was also the one who identified 3/4 of my fake Friday Facts way back in August. So Laurie, send me an email and I will get you your gift code asap!

As for me, no more snow thankfully, but my knee has decided to have an awful twingy pain all weekend. Hoping to still get in some slow runs, but I am taking it easy since I have no goal races to work towards right now. Still need to sign up for the Resolution Run 5k, and have started thinking about what my races will be next year. I might be thinking of another fall half. Maybe. I am starting to forget the pain and the time invested, and thinking about getting a better PB. I am in, as long as I can find a running buddy/coach/pacer. We'll see. I will put a list of races out here in bloggyland soon, but for now, here's my question to you:

Have you thought about your races for 2011 yet? How many are you planning on doing? Any new distances or new types of competitions? What should I consider?


  1. Hooray!! I'm very excited! I'll send you an email right away.

    Glad the snow has stopped, sorry to hear about your knee, hopefully it doesn't act up too much.

    As for 2011, I'll be running my first marathon in the spring and doing a long relay in the fall... should be fun.

  2. I'll be running my first ultra in May, the Ice Age 50K!

  3. Congrats to Laurie!

    Hope your knee feels better!

  4. There are so many tempting races for next year. I'm signed up for a half in the late spring, thinking a full next fall?

  5. yay laurie!!! i know for sure that im running the same races i did last year. a couple little local 5ks, the cooper river bridge run 10k in charleston, SC, run like a girl 8k (trail), race for the land 1/2 marathon (trail) and maybe the medoc marathon (trail) i had hoped to run this year but couldnt....stupid injuries.

    BTW, your ryders are in the mail!

  6. Go Laurie! Congrats :)

    I will be doing my first full marathon in 2011 and I am very excited! I'll be running the LA marathon :)

  7. Congrats to Laurie! I have thought about my 2011 plan, I'll be posting about it soon I think.