Monday, September 6, 2010

Peak Week!

So yesterday I ran the furthest distance I have ever went, and will go before my half marathon on the 19th. 20 kilometers, or 12.5 miles!!!! I changed up my routine a bit and ran with a friend who will be running the half with me, using a very scenic route in the city. It was nice to break away from the lonely path I have taken up until this point, circling the same neighbourhoods and seeing the same sights while listening to my iPod on repeat.

I was able to run along some of the most beautiful places this city has to offer: along the Rideau Canal, some of the locks on the river, and of course, the experimental farm. The weather was cool and lovely, and I enjoyed having the added company, in both human and dog form. I even got to talk to some other runners along the way, who were impressed that we were running so far. Made me smile and feel like a "real" runner for once. I think the first 10k was a breeze, and I really didn't start feeling too worn down until we got to a more desolate part of the route where there was a lot of traffic, and my choice to wear old socks bit me in the butt as I started developing blisters on both feet.

The last kilometer was killer, but overall, I am happy that I ran for longer intervals, was not overly winded, and most importantly, kept powering through!!!

After, we looked like fools trying to haul our butts to the store in order to pick up food for lunch - we could barely walk, I was freezing (dehydration or just due to exertion?) so I was looking all gangster with a hoodie on, hood up, and we both had post run brain drain, so everything was either really tedious or really funny. We enjoyed our extravagant meal of soup and sandwiches, with some cookies and chocolate milk on the side.

I am happy to have this run under my belt as the last major run pre-race. Makes me look forward to the day of, rather than dreading it. Now, just 13 more days to go, and my goal is to get in 3-4 short runs a week to maintain myself until the day of.

So here's the only thing on my mind: What do you other long distance runners pack as a "must have" for after the race? I was thinking a sweater and track pants, some Sharkies for post-run fuel ( had a bad experience with my first 10K where there was no food left at the finish line) and maybe a knee brace and ibuprofen just in case I have some aches or pains. Anything else I should think of?

Finally, the amazing Marlene from Mission to a(nother) marathon graciously passed this award onto me on Thursday:

I am supposed to name 10 things I like, and pass it onto 10 bloggers. Instead of trying to hand it off to ten people, since many of the people I follow/who follow me are tagged, consider this an open invitation to anyone reading; you're it!

Ten things I like (I decided to make it a list of the first ten things that come to mind that make me smile):

1. My family - my parents, my husband, my stepdaughter, and all those close to me.

2. Being employed!!

3. Blue skies and calm fall days

4. Mom's lasagna

5. My dog Daisy,because she's cute and crazy all at the same time:

6. Fireplaces, pyjamas and s'mores

7. Sleeping in

8. Spending a morning in bed with someone you love, hugging, cuddling, reading

9. The thought that we soon might be able to move out of the ghetto and to a place with space to run and be free from the city

10. The fact that in thirteen days, I will have two things to celebrate: My first anniversary and my first half marathon!!!

Happy Labour Day everyone!


  1. Very nice job on the long run! I'd say the hay is in the barn for your half!
    OMG Daisy is such a sweetie!

  2. Great job on your long run... that's awesome! I think you'll do great in your race. As for post race supplies, I think you've got a good handle on it... maybe a camera to capture your after race glow?