Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the name of Carb-loading....

Mmmm..... Spaghetti!!!! Just finished a huge plate of it, and am good to go for tomorrow!

Friday I went to pick up our race kit at City Hall. This is the first time that I picked up my kit in the same location as the race starts/ends, and to be honest, it scared the CR@P outta me. So many people, so much preparation made me feel weak and insignificant. But one I got into the tent to get my race timing chip, it kind of felt nice to see that my name was on the half marathon board with only about 6000 others, in comparison to the 5k, which has over 12000 participants. We got our chips tested, and went off to get our shirts, which are very nice long sleeve technical shirts that are black in the front with camo pattern on the sleeves and back (will get a photo soon!). I came THIS close to buying a headband that said "If found on ground, drag to the finish line" but couldn't justify the cost.

Today has been filled with last minute preparations and getting things together. I decided what I will be wearing, put my bib on my shirt and chip on my shoe, got a "post race kit" together that can address any of my possible complaints after finishing (hungry, thirsty, cold) just in case, taped my pace band to my wrist, and finally got my Garmin working the way it should be. Hopefully it decides to keep functioning through the race.

Now I get to sit anxiously for the rest of the night, trying not to panic and thinking about the morning. I may try to put together a homemade bib, primarily because I am an attention whore who wants people to know a) it's my first half marathon and b) I am doing it on my first wedding anniversary, but we'll see if that happens.

So, with nothing else to say, I'll sign off for the night, and try to get a race report back asap. It might consist of "ran good, finished upright, eating cake, update later" at first, and if so, forgive me. Thanks for all the support, and keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!


  1. Oh wow, congrats on your first half marathon AND wedding anniversary!

    I like the idea of a post race kit.

    I haven't had dinner yet, after seeing that picture I think I know what I'm going to have now!

  2. Good Luck! You'll Rock it of course!