Thursday, July 8, 2010

Running Update (or lack thereof)

Hey all,

Well, it would be nice if I could give you an update on my running, but unfortunately I don't have one. Ontario has been facing a serious heat wave, and I haven't gotten my running in, at all. I did my long run on Monday in some serious heat, and since then it has only gotten worse. With 30 degree heat and humidity driving the temperature into the 40's, I just can't put my body under that kind of stres.

So, I've opted to cross train and wait until tomorrow to try and get any running in for this week. Hopefully I can go out tomorrow morning, sometime Saturday and get my long run in Sunday or Monday. The temperature is supposed to drop about 8 degrees starting tomorrow, so I am just crossing my fingers.

Job updates have been minimal, that one job possibility is still out there (Should get an answer next week) but at this point, I'm not hopeful. No progress on the part time job yet, because I didn't want to start anything and then have to leave suddenly.

Ok, so hopefully this blog will get jumping again later in the week! Until then, I wanted to post again on a great giveaway being offered by a fellow blogger, Marcia! Check it out here:

Check in later!!!

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  1. I hope you can get back to running soon...I am down in Maryland and we had a bit of a heat respite today, so maybe you did too! Good luck with the job hunt.