Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm late, I'm late... for a update!!!

Ok, pathetic title, I know. Forgive me. Not only was I corny, but I haven't updated this blog in over a WEEK!!!! That is very bad for me. I'm sorry, and I will try not to do it again. At least this week I have some exciting things to say!

So in my last post, I wasn't running due to the CRAZY heat around here. Luckily, that did start to break on the next day, and I got out there for a 5k run which felt more like swimming than running. I don't envy anyone who is in the southern states who runs in such high humidity and heat all the time. I am not made for that!

On Saturday, we had a nice change of pace when a friend from Toronto came into town and invited us to go for a nice long bike ride. This was interesting since I hadn't been on a bike in at least 8 years, but thankfully, it is something that you can pick up again fairly quickly. My butt was not happy with the ride, but it felt good to actually cross train for once.

I managed to get my long run in on Monday, when my husband and friend convinced me that it wasn't that hot or humid at 11am. It was a bit more humid than I would like, but not like the week before. I finally hit a distance I had never done before, 12k! This time I mapped my run out properly (!) and set out with my water and fuel. It felt pretty great, even though it was definitely slow. I am definitely needing to get my Garmin up and functioning properly, because I have no idea about my pace right now, except by plopping in my overall time in cool runnings pace calculator afterward. I did 12k, with some considerable walk breaks in 1:25, which is a bit off where I want to be (7:05 per km, I'd like closer to 6:00 per km) but considering the heat and humidity, I'll take it and work on my speed in shorter runs.

After my run, I had a moment where I realized I have crossed over from just a regular runner to one of those dedicated runners. Why?

1) I am doing long runs of over 10k. That for me is the tipping point on distance
2) I am getting into some serious running gear to ensure my runs are comfortable and successful. This run has finally caused me to invest in some Body Glide. Why? Because apparently despite having good running clothing, things still rub. Specifically, two body parts that are measured by numbers and letters combined. Yup, I got raw spots on my breast, and OMG does that hurt. I have officially joined the crazy runner club, with stories of chaffing, peeing and vomiting on the run, ice baths and stomachs/bowels in turmoil. I think once you cross that boundary, there's no going back. And I kind of like it!

Ok, now that I have properly updated on the running, I'll take a moment to update the law part:



Grrr... That still frustrates me so much, but I have resigned myself to start working on finding a part time or temporary job. I still haven't heard about the job I interviewed for, but my life won't be on hold because of it. Trying not to go crazy being in the house so much.

Ok, I'm off to do a hill run, then a 5-6k run on Friday. Watch this weekend for a race report, as I am participating in the Ottawa version of Mitsubishi City Chase. It is my first year running it, and I am sure it will be a blast! Hopefully I will still be up for my 14k on Sunday or Monday as well.

Have a good week!!!

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  1. Yay for running dedication! Sorry about the chafing though. Ouch!