Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not a run, but....

I finally got into the gym, after getting back from a wonderful weekend away at my parent's house. As stated a while ago, I decided to get a gym membership and tried to attend once after it opened (December 21st) for a swim and quickly found out that the pool wasn't open until mid-January.

So last night, I went home, had a quick supper and ran out to a class with my neighbour and great friend T. I wanted to ease into things, and T is not a runner, so we decided to go to a class that combines Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. We had a great instructor, and I felt challenged while not being overwhelmed. Legs were shaking, muscles were screaming, but it felt good.

This morning I am a bit sore, but the masochist in me likes it. I am trying to live up to my new years resolution of eating healthier and getting to the gym three times a week, and it feels great taking a step in the right direction. Here's hoping that I can keep it up well after the new gym goers with new years resolutions cop out in February or March.

As for work - I have my first trial on Friday. EEEKKK!!! Luckily I am in Small Claims Court, and the opposition does not have a lawyer yet, so it might go smoother than usual. I am a little nervous, but trying to be sure of my abilities. I haven't told my client that it is my first trial yet - I think I will tell her AFTER we win or lose. Nobody wants to be the guinea pig.

Have you started the new year off on a good foot?


  1. Good luck with your first trial! My husband won his first one because the opposing party didn't bother to show up - a victory is a victory.

  2. Good Luck for Friday! You'll do great. and wohoo on getting to the gym.

  3. I am happy to have found your blog - being that I am studying for the bar and running I love seeing how other people have been able to balance it all.

    GOOD LUCK on your trial! I know I would be so nervous but you know more than you think and I know you will kick butt!!