Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's talk running safety....

So I am normally not one to be on my own high horse with respect to how people run - I don't judge if you are slow or fast, a 5k'er or an ultramarathoner, decked out in the best gear you can get or just in sweats and a t-shirt. But I DO get frustrated when I see runners who aren't acting in their own best interests.

Take my drive home yesterday. I drive on some pretty dark streets, and yesterday there were threats of freezing rain. It was snowing, and visibility wasn't great. Roads were slippery and cars were fishtailing all over the place. Literally, if you got out of the ruts made by other drivers, you were in for some sliding action.

As I approached home, I was startled when out of nowhere, a man appeared. He was running ON the road (in one of the tire ruts for cars) wearing dark clothing (not even full pants, it was -13 Celsius, 8 Fahrenheit), little reflective gear, and he was running with traffic.

I get it. Running in winter is tough, and sometimes, running on the road is easier. But this man was asking for trouble, and I would feel so bad for the driver who tried to brake to avoid him and was not able to stop in time.

So please, think while you run. Wear reflective gear. Run off the street when you can, and only on the street when you can see the traffic and against the flow of traffic. Invest in a RoadID or similar product. Get Yaktraks if necessary. Stay inside on the days where it is just too cold/slippery/dangerous. Because your life is not worth that one run. Too many runners, even those taking all the necessary precautions, get killed every year. I know this line is cheesy, but don't be a statistic.

So tell me, what do you do to keep safe year-round?

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  1. #1 safety rule for me is to assume that noone sees me on the bike or running, regardless of what I'm wearing.

  2. Can I add, and I know I am stepping on toes here, not wearing ipods? Especially women--you need to be aware with all your senses!

  3. That is SO scary!! I stay as far away from the street as I can when I run, even during daylight never know when someone will swerve off the road because they are distracted. And I agree with misszippy, when I run by myself I very rarely have my iPod and if I do, I only put one earbud in and I have the volume soft enough that I can hear what's going on around me. It's a scary world!