Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's so cold that.....

Ok, so I know that a ton of bloggers have been commenting on how cold it has been lately. I was forced to take the day off yesterday after my husband's car would not start. It was - 30.7 degrees Celsius in Ottawa at 7am, which for you Americans equals a chilly -23.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

When I found out it was cold enough to do this, I had to try it:


Sorry, I am not tech savvy enough to figure out how to add it to my post directly.

Sure enough, about half of the boiling hot water I threw up in the air instantly turned into a snowy fog. Coolest thing ever, and it made up for the fact that it was FREEZING!

So I went to a class at the local gym on Sunday, taught by my good friend E. E is super fit, doing everything and anything sport and fitness related, and is crazy amazingly hot. I knew the class was going to be a challenge; I wasn't expecting to still have aching calves today. Here's hoping that a yoga/pilates/tai chi class today helps me stretch the legs out, and that I can get on the treadmill for a good run Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. The boiling water to snow thing is so cool! I would love to try it... at the same time I'm so glad that it will never be cold enough here to give it a go. Brrrrr.

  2. I was on Mt Washington at that time (41st birthday presetn to myself) attempting a winter ascent - we turned around due to high winds and the bitter cold. Fun to see.

    On YouTube there is a button under the video that says embed - click on that, copy the code, and then paste it into the HTML Editor on your post.

  3. That is crazy. And kind of depressing...it's way too stinking cold out!

  4. That is an AWESOME experiment! Crazy that your hubby's care wouldn't start...that sucks.