Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year, New Dedication

With my Christmas holidays coming to a close (as sadly, I was not one of the smart people who took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off this week), I have been trying to plan my new year. 2011 has a lot of big things planned, and I want to do it right.

2010 was a bit of a bust in review. Although I finally managed to finish all my qualifications and become a proper lawyer-in-calling, I sucked hard when it came to finding a job. Three months of agony, mentally and psychologically, was tough. I thank god for my half marathon training, because I honestly think it was the only thing that kept me sane. Well, semi-sane, between the cursing and groaning with the long runs.

Finally in September, things came together in a pile of glory: I had my first wedding anniversary, finished my first half marathon (although not achieving my time goal) and found a job! For the past three months, I feel like all I have been doing is recovering, both physically and financially. I haven't talked much about the job, partially because I am not sure what I should and shouldn't say (this being a public forum and all) but it has been going fairly well. Still some kinks to work out, like finding the groove with all the staff and getting to a point where I feel even somewhat confident in what I am doing, but it will come with time.

So, 2011 is poised to be a big year for 2 prime reasons. First, with the job being in a town a little over an hour away from where I currently live, the drive has been tough. I am getting used to it slowly, but we knew that once I took this position, we had to consider moving out of the big city and buying our own house as soon as possible. Now that I am no longer struggling to get bills paid on time, I am squirreling away money for a down payment, and expect to be in the position to buy a home sometime in the summer or fall of 2011. Yeah! No more fighting for a second parking spot, no more listening to my neighbours through paper thin walls, no more light pollution and no more wasting 2.5 hours a day in my car.

Secondly, I have a big event to attend in October, one that I need to look good for. My best friend, who put up with being mocked in order to be my "Man of Honour" at my wedding, is getting married on October 29, 2011. Did I mention he lives in England??? So, we are also frantically saving up for the hubby and I (sorry, no Munchkin on this trip!) to go to Europe for 2 weeks. First week will be the wedding, second week we will spend in France and Germany before going home. SO excited for this.

With these goals in mind, I have set some expectations for myself for the new year. I have put together a tentative race schedule which looks something like this:

May - Ottawa Race Weekend 10K

June - Warrior Dash in PA - have to see if I can convince a friend to drive 6.5 hours with me to participate! Other potential runs include the Perth Kilt Run (8k, not confirmed), Emilie's Run (5k, women only) and a small 5k run in the town I work in.

July - No Frills 10 mile run, and the Mitsubishi City Chase

August - Xerox 10K, and potentially the NY Warrior Dash if I can't do PA

September - potentially the Underwear Affair, and another shot at the Army Run 1/2 Marathon

October - Fall Colours 1/2 marathon (if Army doesn't work out), and the Rattle me Bones 10K race

December - The Santa Shuffle (5k) and Resolution Run (5 or 10k)

In reality, I think the May Race Weekend 10k, July No Frills 10 mi, one Warrior dash, one half marathon, and the Resolution Run are my must have races. The cost of those runs alone will be over $300!

With respect to more general goals, I am the stereotypical woman, and would like to focus on getting fit and losing my little gut, or about 10 pounds. I have my gym membership that I plan on taking advantage of at LEAST 2 times a week, but aiming for 3-4 times a week with some pool time, some regular runs, and some HIIT training sessions. Not to mention some time on the StairMaster from hell:

Personally, I would like to love my job. I don't think I am there yet. I have my first court appearances next week, and am terrified. At least my first trial is against someone who is not represented by counsel, but it is still horrifically scary. I have fleeting thoughts that maybe I am not cut out for this job. Some days I am super interested, other days, it is mundane paperwork I would rather not be doing. I hope to find a groove, and really start getting my feet wet. How long after you graduate and start working do you realize whether you made the right career choice? How can you tell if you like the job and the job location, just one of those two things, or neither? It worries me.

Financially, I want things to be routine. Have a budget, stick to it, save like crazy for the house and trip, and start getting ahead in life. I will still be living like a student most of the time, but enjoying the things I get as a result of that effort. I might splurge on myself every once and a while too.....

Ok, so my task for YOU in 2011: Go after what you want. Figure out what matters, focus on it and make a plan to get it. Whether that be in life, in running, whatever. Let me know what your goals, hopes and dreams are for 2011, and let me help you be accountable to those goals. I hope you will push me too. Having someone there who knows what you set your mind to is a very strong motivator.

SO, what are YOUR goals for 2011???

P.S - Despite being dumb and not taking off work tomorrow and Thursday, I will be driving 9 hours to go and visit my parents from the 31st to the 3rd. So no updates from me. :( But I am recommitting to this blogging thing, so check in soon after for an update on my running, and whether I failed miserably at trial! Self -depreciation for the win.... :P


  1. Great your year is ending so positively!

  2. Just found your blog. Good luck in your first trial. How exciting! (Ok, maybe I watch a little too much Good Wife...and LA Law in the 80s)
    I like how you've got all your goals for Twenty11 planned out. It looks to be a great year for you.