Monday, August 16, 2010

Tough Day....

Today was full of trials and tribulations, which I thought I would share here. I need other people's opinions, but am not sure it will make sense considering the lack of details I can give at this point.

I have been in contact with the people from this non-law job I interviewed for, which is an industry related to but not completely law focused. I would potentially gain useful knowledge for my future legal career, but could run into issues where I would face conflicts (where as a lawyer I couldn't work on specific files against this employer which would be problematic) or where people simply wouldn't hire me because I have essentially worked for the other side of the legal fight. This non-law industry generally has a bad reputation for screwing people over, leading to lawsuits. Some employers are better than others.

So I have got a job offer from this place, and while I am thrilled at the prospect of having full time work, in a field where I could gain knowledge for my future career, I am afraid of limiting myself, or making it near impossible to get where I want to go in the future for my legal career. Worst of all, I am afraid I might just settle in the job and never leave, never meeting my personal or earning potential.

I have no idea when I might get a legal job, or when any other job offer might come my way. My EI is still good for another couple of months, but I have only had 2 interviews in the past three months, despite my work experience and degrees. It is not an employee's market right now.

So what do I do? Take the job and hope to not screw my future, or risk turning it down and possibly being unemployed for god knows how much longer? I have until Wednesday to figure that out.

Will update you all on my long run (which I generally completed) tomorrow. Hubby is calling me to bed, which sounds like a great idea right now. My brain hurts!


  1. That's a tough one. It's hard to turn down employment, especially when it is so hard to find any right now. However, if its not some place you want to be for the long run and it could hurt your ultimate ambitions, it might not be the best idea. I guess you have to decide how badly you need work right now, what happens if you still can't find employment 3 months down the road, will you be able to get by? If you think you can make it, I would suggest not doing anything that will be detrimental to your future goals. Of course, that's just my opinion and I don't know all the details so I could be way off base. :) Good luck!

  2. Oops, today is already Wednesday so you've probably already made your choice. I'm a bit behind. Hope all went well.