Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, today after the long weekend of lazing around and doing very little that was productive, I decided I would go out to do my long run, a 16km (10mi) that was almost bordering on a breeze last week.

I went to get up at 7am, but immediately was told by my hubby that not only was it raining already, but they were predicting severe thunderstorms in the next hour or so. Clearly, I should have paid more attention to the weatherman over the weekend and planned this run better, but hindsight is 20/20. I decided to roll over and grab a bit more sleep, and then see what the weather had in store for me later. So when I got up and it was no longer raining, I was excited. I checked the weather network and it said it was about 22 degrees outside (71.6F) and thought, "Let's go!"

I got dressed, headed outside, and tried to get going. But the whole time it was like a little chubby man was on my chest! I was heaving and sweating copious amounts, and I couldn't keep up with a normal pace. I knew I was in trouble when after 2k I contemplated turning right around. I wanted to push through my first loop (about 6.5k or 4mi) but my body was shutting right down. I was walking more than I ever have, and actually had to sit down on a ledge to catch my breath.

At that point, I decided that it was better to not finish than to kill myself, literally. I cut my 16k down to about 4.5k (2.8 miles) and called it a day. Disappointing, but hopefully the first and only time I am forced to do that during this period of training. When I got home, I found that the temperature was actually up at 24, but with the 85-90% humidity, it was feeling like 35 degrees Celsius (95F). I just couldn't will my body to keep pushing.

On a positive note, I filled my camelbak up to the brim, and still enjoyed having it with me. It sloshes a bit, and you can actually feel the water cooling the upper part of your back, which is nice. The one negative thing I would note about it is when the water reservoir is full, don't even contemplate putting anything in the front pocket if you want it during your run. That pocket is practically inaccessible, and should only be used for ID, not for gels.

I still hope to get some decent mileage in this week, as Saturday we fly off to Niagara Falls and Toronto for a 5 day whirlwind vacation. I hope to get my 12k long run in on a treadmill at the hotel, and hope that the other runs I can make up for by walking all over at Marineland, downtown Niagara, the Toronto Zoo and the Ontario Science Centre!!! We are so excited!

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