Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So much to say, so little time...

It feels like with summer winding down, things in my life are winding up: I am getting into my high kms in preparation for my half marathon next month, my job searching has kicked into high gear with prospective employers having a slight contemplation about their staffing situations, and with my stepdaughter trying to jam as much activity into her summer before it is time for back to school shopping and getting back to the regular routine.

As a result, I haven't been blogging as much. I am sorry. But I have a generally long update, which I will try to fit in before my husband finishes the dishes.

I have a part time job. runninglawyer will now be employed at a deli counter in a major supermarket near you (or not near you.... :P) It is not the perfect job, but it supplements my EI income, and it is starting like now. Plus, no way that my grocery store job will screw up ANY future law job. Everyone has surprisingly asked why I took it, or if I am ok with it. I get the feeling that even some of my close non-law friends think that either I should be above that, or that I should feel like I am above working there. I don't get this mentality. Money is money, and I am no better than anyone else because I have two degrees. So thank god for something, because bills keep rolling in.

I had a horrible long run yesterday. I don't know 100% what went wrong, but I am pretty sure that my fuel (clif gels, Bleh and never again) just didn't do it for me, and I pseudo-bonked. I literally had to sit down in a park for about 20 minutes because I felt like I was going to pass out. I finished the "run" but 18k (a little over 11 miles I think) took me 2h45mins as a result. I literally stumbled home and into a ice bath that my husband helped pour for me, then started refueling on a banana and Yop. I was lethargic for another hour at least. IT was not pleasant, but I feel like it was a one off, and that next time, with Gu on board I won't have any issues. Let's hope so.

I have came to a point in my training where, I'll admit it, it's not fun. 18, 20k, that is a long time running. I was thinking before and after my long run, that this routine isn't enjoyable, and how I wasn't sure I would ever want to do another half marathon again. I like the freedom of going out and deciding how far to run based on how I feel. I think after the 19th, I will fall back into just trying to run 3 times a week, and go into winter hibernation mode a bit. I really don't have any serious runs planned for the rest of the year (I am considering Rattle me bones and the Resolution Run) and I like it that way. Maybe I will change my mind after it is over and I feel euphoric for completing it, but for now, I think I'm just tired of training.

I promised a winner on my Sunday Night Secrets Post, so here's the recap:

With 3/4 right, the winner is Laurie! Please let me know what Bondy Band you would like, and send me your contact details. Sorry I can't offer bigger prizes/prizes for all of you, but I will try to offer another contest soon.

Here are the answers:

1. totally true. I went to track camp for a summer and was one of the few teenagers who knew how to hurdle correctly. So I rocked them!

2. Despite the comments from Ms. Laurie (I might be a lawyer, but I am totally NOT one of those sleazeball lawyers! I just want to help people!), I can make a three leaf clover with my tongue, just like this:

3. Again, a true oddity about me: I can't eat cashews, pecans or walnuts, but bring on the PB and almonds. Mmmmm....

4. Totally hate Twilight, and hate hearing the "Go Edward" stuff from the Munchkin. Bleh! I read REAL books.

5. lol, see above rant about doing another half to determine the answer to this one.

6. FALSE! One sister, that's it.

7. Sadly true. I like the freedom of running when I want to, but I often think I am missing out on something since I always run alone. Hoping this won't be true forever.

8. Germany, three months. Best time of my LIFE.

9. My husband is definitely the shopper in the relationship. I am part Scots and part Jewish; it might be a stereotype but I like keeping my money in my wallet!

10. true - I killed my hubby's (then boyfriend) favourite ring by somehow dissolving the welding that kept it together. Oops.

11. I like keeping everyone I pass on the street clothed, in reality and in my mind. Random nakedness is not my thing!

12. I was surprised so many guessed this was bogus. I was an untraditional bride, and loved it. Here's a photo of my lovely rings (yes, they have diamonds on the side, but I like them anyways!):

13. Yes, this is a contemplated challenge. I have to swim more and then figure out if that is going to be my fitness goal for next year. Thank god triathlons don't require you to dive.

14. Yup. No explaining it.

15. This is partially due to habit, and partially due to the pull in my groin on the right side, but yes, at least 90% of the time, my left foot does the leading up and down curbs.

K, night all! Laurie, send me those details!

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  1. I'd have to disagree, I think having two degrees, one being a JD, makes you at least better educated than most people, so don't sell yourself short... you worked hard for them. You're right though, money is money and good for you for having the mentality you do. :)

    As for the contest, I would have to say that the tongue thing is pretty impressive. Too bad I missed that, but 3/4 isn't bad. =) (I hope you know I was just teasing about the lawyer thing, there are lots of good attorneys out there.)

    As for the Bondi Band, you don't need to worry about it, it was fun to play. If you'd really like to do something for me though, you could sign up and/or donate to this virtual race:


    Good luck with the rest of summer. :)