Friday, September 16, 2011

Freak Out Friday

Two recent developments have me freaking out in different ways about this weekend:

1) the race directors/powers that be have just announced that the course has changed for the third time in three years. While I hate that there isn't consistency, and that I now don't know/have never run about half of the route, the advantage is we get to avoid a KILLER hill that made me nearly keel over last year. It's about 2k of straight uphill torture which I am glad to miss. See my comments on that hill and the racer who I saw collapsed on the course here.

2) the bigger freakout has to do with my husband, who I love, but is not a runner. I have tried to convert him, he has done part of the C25k program, has ran with me as recently as this month, but has never caught the running bug. I can accept that. However, he has always been supportive of the past in attending my races and cheering me on, which is something I thrive on and means a lot to me.

So I had the following conversation with him on the phone just now:

Me: Hey Hun, so we have to get to M's house at around 7:45-8 so we can drive into town for the race, since it starts at 9.

Him: 7:45?!?!

Me: Yes, it is a 9am race.

Him: Well, I was planning on going out to the shooting range tomorrow morning, and was really looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday.

Me...... um, ok, but you knew about the race.

Him: What am I going to do for 3 hours anyways?

Me: Go have breakfast? Watch me and support me?

Him: *sigh*

Seriously???? He knew about this race MONTHS ago, and all of a sudden sleeping in is more important? My friend M has her parents, who live in Alberta, who have flown out just to see her run, and my husband can't get out of bed and spend three hours supporting me. I could just about cry right now. Because the only thing worse than racing, is racing knowing no one is there to support you specifically. The rest of my family is in a different area of the province, so if he doesn't come, I'll be going it alone. As much as I am upset, it isn't worth me forcing him to attend.

I have been realizing over the past little while that I am losing my run mojo, and with this it feels like another nail in the coffin. It is hard to continue doing something where you have no one supporting you, and where your goals aren't motivating you like they should.

Do you have supportive family? If you don't, how do you do it?


  1. I hate not having my husband at races. I almost always have a friend though because I haven't done a race in over a year without one i think. It sucks with the family issue. We had our kids at one race but have not tried that again. I think it's doable but that's because i am with so I know it's possible. he doesn't think so. I hope your husband rethinks his position and come out with a better attitude!

  2. I hope your hubby realizes how important it is for him to be there for you. Don't be afraid to tell him either. Some guys just can't figure it out on their own!

    I took a look at the half marathon course map. It looks like three out-and-backs all smushed together... So at least you will become familiar with each leg on the way out then be able to kill it on the way back. It's scary facing a new course but you'll be okay.

    I'll be doing the 5k myself - looking forward to it!

  3. Of the 100++ races I've done, my boyfriend has gone to exactly four (a 10K, a 15K, and two half marathons. I generally don't ask him to go because I do feel like waiting around while I run is too boring for him. My mom or both parents have gone to lots (including almost all marathons) (waiting around doesn't seem to be a problem for them). But a lot of the time my mom will wait in the car or hotel if getting to the finish area is too difficult. Bottom line, I run for myself, as well as by myself, and I'm okay with not necessarily having someone cheering me from the sidelines or finish line. Plus, I always feel a lot of support from other runners and even random bystanders who will cheer when you run by (I always high 5 kids who are along the roadside). I'm sure your husband will shape up and accompany you, but don't let that turn you against runnin, no matter how it works out! Good luck in the race!

  4. My Dh had been to 3 (My first ever, a 5k. and my two halfs.) Even then for both halfs he came after me and didn't come for the start. Is that possible? Could your DH get to sleep in bit and then come down for 30 mins at least before you expect to finish?