Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom Runs

No, my mother does not run, but it is hard to not notice how many runners are women, and how many of those are busy moms, with careers and usually, multiple children to take care of. I am amazed by people like SUAR, TallMom, and Laurie who has FOUR! kids to manage on top of trying to get her runs in. As mentioned in previous blogs, I do have a 10 year old stepdaughter, aka Munchkin, but she lives at our house only 50% of the time.

Mothers are always in this dilemma, of whether they follow their instinct to take care of and devote all their time and effort to their children, or if they do what feels selfish, and take time for themselves. All too often, the requirement to make lunches, ensure homework is done, put the kids to bed, feed them or drive them to their endless activities takes precedent.

So I am issuing a challenge to all the moms that follow this blog for this Mother's Day weekend:

At least one day this weekend, take time for you.

Whether it is painting your toenails, going out for a run, ordering pizza so you don't have to cook, or just locking the bathroom door so you get some much-earned privacy, put others second for a few minutes and pamper you. You deserve it. I will be doing this by skipping our bi-weekly visit to my father-in-law, and going to step class instead. The father-in-law will understand, and I will get to do something that leaves me sweaty, but also refreshed and invigorated.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

P.S - last post I asked about motivation, and Chris gave me the best quote ever:

"I am always fighting the internal lazy person"

I highly doubt it considering his trail running/50k/50 mile running ways, but it made me laugh. Thanks Chris!


  1. What a great post! Yes, it's a juggling act, but we all know we are better moms for getting in that run.

  2. It's the most demanding juggling act ever, but I always feel like I am being a better mom because I take the time to myself to take care of myself. One of my favorite quotes is something to the effect of "taking care of oneself so that others don't have to is the greatest act of love." I wish I could remember the actual words but that's the idea of it. ;)

  3. That is a good quote. But after you defeat that person you have to fight the one that's afraid of pain.