Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bitten by the Green Monster

Along the journey to becoming a decent runner, I have seen other bloggers mention the GREEN monster. It scared me more then a little. It was green, and mean, and I thought that if I let one into my life, it would make me sad and blue (I know, bad colour pun there)

I viewed the green monster as the enemy I would never succumb to:

Ok, so maybe I am a bit drama filled. For those of you who don't know, a green monster is actually a smoothie, more specifically one made typically with spinach in it. I was a bit pessimist, thinking that there was NO way that the flavour of spinach could be disguised under fruit in a smoothie. Spinach was far too strong tasting, and the thought of blending it up and eating it for breakfast made me gag a little.

Until I finally caved this week, and tried it. I admit I was still a bit of a wuss, and only shoved a tiny handful of baby spinach (much milder and sweeter than the normal stuff in my opinion) in with my normal breakfast shake. After blending it up in the Ninja, it looked like I had taken a rose or carnation, flower, stem, leaves and all and blended them together. Little pieces of green and red floating everywhere in a pink liquid. (I know, if it's pink liquid, it's not a real green monster, but give me a break, I am working on it!)

It took all my willpower to convince me to take that first sip, and once I did: WOW! I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't really taste the spinach at all. The tiny little flecks that were still solid had a little tang, but the rest of it went down smoothly.

I am happy to say I tamed the green monster, and it is now part of my morning routine. Still haven't got the husband on the band wagon yet, but I'll convince him somehow... :)

Do you like green monsters? What's your best green monster recipe?


  1. OOOOOO!!!!!! I LOVE green monsters!!!! i usually do two HEAPING handfuls of spinach, a banana, two tablespoons of nesquick, 1 c vanilla almond milk, and maybe a scoop of whey protein. im going to try it sans banana but add strawberries today. love it!!!! it does look like pond scum, but taste wonderful!

  2. I have to have the banana (even though they disgust me by themselves), blueberries and peach flavoured yogurt. My 14 year old boy even requests them! Good for you for facing your fear.

  3. I love love spinach, but have never had a green monster, I'll have to try one! Except at the moment I don't have all the other smoothie ingredients.

  4. So the Ninja works? I saw it making pizza dough and was intrigued...
    I do use spinach in my smoothies. I never notice it if I add raspberries or strawberries! I also add some ground flaxseed to it.

  5. Hmmm. I've had the same feeling about green smoothies that you did and think that you've convinced me to give this a shot (or to give me a shot of this).
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yours looks great.