Monday, May 9, 2011

Adrenalin High

This weekend, I managed to have two perfect workouts. On the way home on Friday, I got a call from my normal workout buddy saying she wouldn't be able to make it. Normally, this would result in me throwing in the towel and lounging on the couch for the rest of the evening. Thankfully, I have a fire lit under my butt these days due to a weight loss contest I am entered in coming to a close, and having some impending races sneaking up on me. So off to the gym I went with the intention to do a nice, relaxed, 5k run.

Now I admit, I have not been running much these days. I have been swimming, doing step class, and doing some jogging with my new protege, but nothing that is a challenge. So when I hopped on the treadmill I set no time expectations, no speed requirements, I just set it at what felt right, and planned to run until I needed to walk. I have always been a 10 and 1'er, not having the stamina to keep going for long periods.

Needless to say, I was happily surprised when my body decided to act like the Energizer Bunny and let me keep going and going and going. The kilometers flew by as I watched some tv, and I was in the zone. That happy place where everything falls into place, you are in sync with your body and it feels easy, even though it shouldn't. I ran 5k in about 32-33 minutes, which is a great pace for someone who hasn't done that continuous distance since before winter. I have faith that I am in ok shape for the summer months.

Because I was on such a high, I ignored my tired legs and went to step class and swimming the next day, and continued to feel great. It was a weekend that reminded me why I stay active, because it feels so good to feel your muscles flexing and working, or to just feel your muscles under the thin(ish) layer of fat stored over your abs for the winter. I have recaught the bug, and all I want to do is run every night.

Have you caught the running bug yet this season? Is the weather in your area convincing you to get outside, or making you long for a couple million dollars so you don't have to work at all during the day?

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  1. Some bugs are good to catch, and for some you need Cold-FX! I ran all winter outside so I guess I had the bug since last year.