Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monday Miscellaneous...

I know, I know, I'm posting this on Sunday so it's not Monday yet, but considering the way my weeks have been going at work, this is the best time to write this so you all can read it on Monday. The time change is already killing me, and I am sure it will only go downhill this week.

Yesterday, I woke up bright and early to get to the gym with my constant companion Tina. We are constantly going to the gym and getting a swim in, but we decided to try and double up due to a missed workout on Thursday and hop of the treadmill for a half hour or so before getting a swim in. I'm still slowly easing into more workouts as the weather gets better and the days get longer, so this was a good effort on our part.

So we get up all bleary eyed and get changed before I realize that I have managed to leave my shoes at home. Not wanting to go back home, we contemplated the options. Skip the treadmill, wear my winter boots, or hop on the treadmill in sock or bare feet, and see if anyone noticed. I try to be as considerate as possible for others, but at the same time, it was going to kill me to not get on the treadmill after putting all that effort in to get to the gym.
So I walked out of the change room in my socks, and hopped on a treadmill. Did 30 minutes of walking on a 4% incline and some tentative running in shoeless feet. It was definitely an interesting experience - I know there are a group of runners out there that do barefoot running, but I would never consider it actively due to the risk of stepping on something and hurting myself. Running on a safe surface, you really notice the difference in how your feet strike the ground, and it was enlightening. Not a single person noticed that I did not have shoes on - or no one said anything to me or pointed and stared. Score one for me!

So I've got four workouts planned this week which should help me make it through the tough times at work. I love work, but I have a few big matters moving forward soon which are stressful and time consuming. One is my first true trial, which I already know will end with my clients paying out money. The question is how much will they have to pay, and will I avoid getting sued or reported to the law society by them. Not my favourite clients.

To cheer me up and give me some energy, I am trying hot yoga at my gym Monday night. It is costly at my gym (boo for it not being included in the membership!), but I have done it before, and I always walk out feeling both refreshed and exhausted all at the same time. It is yoga, but sweatier, and I am a sweat loving kind of girl.... ;)

Then class on Tuesday, swim or run on Thursday, and maybe another mini-brick workout on Saturday morning. Here's hoping all the exercise will counteract the crap I have been eating lately. Cookies, doughnuts, cake, all need to be banned if I want to get that dreaded extra weight off. I try not to make this a weight loss blog, but darn it, it is hard to say no to the sugar! I finally received my dress for my best friend's wedding:

and I need to look good in it! I had been lusting over this dress for ages, and I happened to see one in stock, only one, and only in my size a few weeks ago and snatched it up. I think I may have ordered the absolute last one, as it has now been taken down from the only website I could find it on. Scores for me!

What do you do to avoid the sugar cravings? How do you say no to the cookies and sweets in the office and at home (other than tossing them)?


  1. I LOVE that dress! Awesome color and great style. You will look great.

    I used to get lots of sugar cravings but then made a concerted effort not to eat processed sugar. I do have a piece of dark chocolate here and there and it works for me in keeping the sugar at bay.

  2. LOVE the dress!! Sugar cravings are really rare for me..but watch out bread and pretzels...

  3. That dress is beautiful! I have no control over sugar cravings, in fact I'm just coming from raiding my chocolate chip stash. For me, once I taste it I can't stop. If I go to the kitchen for a treat I try to appease myself with a glass of water instead... sometimes it works.