Thursday, March 10, 2011

Double timing...

So despite my best intentions to register for a race early and save on fees, as of last week I still had not signed up for anything this year. Talk about being lazy, but really, it has more been a money issue than anything else. Since that raise isn't coming yet, I am trying to stretch our money as far as possible. I want to do a 10k in May, but really, I haven't been running as much as I should. The pool in my gym (saltwater, with a sauna) is drawing me in these days, so the treadmill is seeming very unappealing.

So I suddenly found a world of motivation last week, when my friend and I discovered two races in our region that are going to be AWESOME. I have paid for the first, and the second we are trying to gather a group for to reduce fees. I am proud to say I will be running the following races:

1. Perth Kilt Run - 8k.

This race was organized last year a a Guinness book of world records attempt to set a new record for the most number of people running in, you guessed it, a kilt. They had 1200 people run, and it was an amazing success, selling out long before the run. But it was supposed to be a one off, so I was happy to find out they are organizing it again this year. The spots are still limited (just over 2000) so I jumped and signed up asap. For $60, you get your entry and a bona fide kilt to run in. It won't be a PR run, but it will be fun. Keep your eyes out for pictures like this in the future:

2. The Spartan Race - 5k
Some of you in the US may have heard of this race, or the Warrior dash. Basically, it is a course of approximately 5k, where you run and also have to manoeuvre around a number of muddy dirty obstacles. I expect to climb through mud under barbed wire, run through fire, and generally get my ass kicked. Most people end the race looking like this:

Best part about these races? They take place on the SAME WEEKEND. Am I crazy? Yes, more than a little. Will I be physically exhausted at the end of it? Absolutely. Am I going to love every minute? Yes, because it is competition, but with a lot of fun to take the edge off of my overly competitive nature.

So from now until June, I have to get my motivation back and hop on that treadmill. I am in a biggest loser type competition right now to try and lose the extra 10-15 pounds I am currently carrying. Here's hoping by the Spartan race, I will look like one... :P

Anyone else signed up for some crazy races this year? Tell me about them!


  1. Those both sound like a blast! Here in Baltimore, we have an annual race in december to mark the celtic solstice. Lots of folks wear kilts for it. Good times!

  2. My races aren't that exciting...YOURS sound awesome!

  3. Wow, they both look fun! I'll have to look for them next year when my schedule will be (hopefully) more stable. Have fun!