Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Ways I Break the Rules

Inspired from today's post over at SUAR I thought I would come up with my 10 ways I break the rules. To make it challenging, I am not going to use any of the ones already mentioned like speeding (which I think most of us are guilty of), saying things to our kids and then doing them, etc.

So, here's my original list:
1. I almost always check my personal email/blogs etc at work. Not always outside of regular working time. Sometimes you just need a break to clear the mind!

2. I get wickedly dry lips in the winter, and I peel off the dry skin. It drives me nuts when my lips are rough. I know if I didn't pick, they'd go away fast, but I can't help it.
3. I rarely ever clean off my makeup before going to bed. Waking up with raccoon eyes is not uncommon.

4. I am guilty of being possessive about my own things (especially food I have bought for myself) and then sneaking bites of the things my husband and step-daughter by for themselves.
5. I am a seasonal runner at best. Winter + running don't generally combine in my head, and I let myself slide in the winter. Most runners, especially those with further distances under their belt, don't do that. Makes me feel a bit ashamed some days, and contributes to my "I must not be a REAL runner" feeling.

6. I reuse my gym clothes sometimes when I feel lazy -throw it in the dryer, hope I don't smell too much the next gym day.

7. Don't know if it is a rule, but people often think it is strange that I sleep with socks on, and wear socks all year round, unless I have to wear heels that they show.

8. I forget birthdays and special occasions a lot. Usually I catch myself like the day of and scramble to put something together.

9. I don't budget per se. I look at my expenses coming out and income going in every two weeks or so to know how much will be in my bank account in a given time frame, and spend accordingly. This method has worked very well for me over the years. If I was to follow a normal suggested budget, it wouldn't work for me because my car expenses (mandatory for the job) exceed the cost of my rent every month... :S

10. My general eating habits are awful! I can't keep track, I overeat and under eat some days, I don't get enough grains or protein, I love sugar and junk food, and I have little to no self control. The only reason I stay somewhat healthy is the exercise (5 times this week! Score!) and the tracking I remember to do during the day.

It was so hard to think of things not already mentioned by SUAR and the commenters on her post - can anyone think of new things to admit to? The only other one I have in my mind is leaving a job and taking some office supplies with me. But I wouldn't do that.... I'm a lawyer.... :P
What are the ways you break the rules?

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  1. I love all these posts...I don't have anything to add though...but do all these....