Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Start in December

Well, after having a kind of shitty month of November, I am hoping that December will bring good habits along with good cheer. I will not recap my November goals, because the fact that I failed miserably will depress me even more than I have been lately. Needless to say, with injuries, bad weather, the long commute and time change, I have not been doing so well in the running department. Or in the food department. Or in the "not being a crankypants" department.

Moving on, I'd like to believe that December will be better. I have hope. It seems to be a popular month for bloggy-runner birthdays, and I can say I am one of the crowd - I celebrate my birthday this weekend. No big plans - I don't know if I am happy or sad about that.

My problem with this Christmas season and December in general this year is that it wasn't the best year. When I was employed before being called to the bar and becoming a lawyer, everything was going well, we were saving money, and we had two big things planned: 1) to build a downpayment and buy a house, and 2) take my stepdaughter to Disney in Orlando with my parents for Christmas. Then I found myself unemployed, the downpayment fund rapidly shrunk due to bills, and we had to cancel on my parents. Despite my mom's health problems this year, my parents are still going, and I feel all kinds of awful about it. I feel bad I won't be able to see my parents over Christmas, that I can't see for myself how my mom is really recovering from her surgery (I know things aren't 100% yet, which has me concerned), I feel upset that we can't go because we could all use the vacation, and I feel sorry that we can't manage it for the Munckin, who is at the PERFECT age to go.

So, my December goals primarily revolve around not being depressing, and staying positive. I need to do more things for me, as my life these days is tending to revolve around what has to be done for work and home, with me as an afterthought. So, here are the plans:

1) get moving - my gym opening was delayed again, but I hope to build time into my schedule to swim or run, do something to get the endorphins flowing
2) try to plan a visit with my parents - they are about 8 hours away from me, but I think I need to go down (may have to be sans-hubby and stepchild due to scheduling conflicts) and see my parents. I am worried about them, and for the first time in a long time, homesick.
3) I need to stop being such a hippy and get a haircut! lol, at least figure out what is going on with my hair, which I have been letting grow out for about a year. No ideas what to do with it yet.
4) Treat myself - I want to set up a massage, either alone or with my husband, to relax a bit.
5) Plan my races for next year - I want to get my schedule worked out asap, so I can be motivated again. I would like to aim for at least 4 races, if not more, and possibly two that are international. Just an idea I am toying with....

Not the best goals exercise wise, but it will have to do given the current circumstances. Seems like everyone is destined to wind down a bit this time of year. I will try my best to get off my butt, no matter how hard it is after a 12 hour day away from home.

So I'm trying to check in more, but I feel like I am failing you all. Not running = boring, depressing life. Anything I can write about to entertain you all? Shopping ideas? Lawyer jokes? Entertaining running slogans? Anything? Let me know!

P.S - to any of my Jewish readers - Happy Hanukkah!


  1. Lawyer jokes are always good. Happy early birthday!

  2. Ugh I feel the same. November was lame, and December is looking like it's going to follow in the same path unless I seriously get my a** in gear. Good luck to you!!!! Always know you have a cheerleader in California. =o)