Monday, October 3, 2011

Spoke too soon

Every year, I get to this point (October) and think, I will run through the season. I will not be a wuss. I will put my big girl pants on and get my butt out of my warm bed and run, even though it is getting chilly.

And then the season change comes, and it hits me like a freight train, and I can barely get out of bed to get to work on time, let alone run. I have signed up for the Resolution Run in December, so I have to get back to it, but I am giving myself a little bit of breathing room for another week or two before getting back into it full force. I have a pile of other things going on, work related, life related, and sometimes, you just need to give yourself a little break.

So my last post, I mentioned that I managed to avoid the dreaded black toes that I had last year. If you weren't here, 5 of my toes turned some shade of purple or black after my first half marathon, and partially detached from the nailbeds. I managed to keep them all, but was not happy about the process. This year, some of my toes turned a strange shade of pink, but after almost two weeks, I was confident I was going to keep them all.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, I had a friend visiting from overseas and we were showing her our new house. My husband and I stepped in to hug her at the same time, and sure enough, my husband stepped on my big toe, and I immediately knew it was trouble. I looked down and the middle of my nail had already started turning purple/black from blood pooling underneath, or bruising, or something. So, I'm back to crimson nail polish!!!

FYI - don't google black toenail - some people have ugly toes!

Are you a fall runner? Do you notice any change in your running when the seasons change from warm to cold?

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