Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foodie Moodie Tuesday

Lame title, I know, but a good way to combine the two topics of the day. Moodie because this is a crazy week for us, my work is super busy, we are having last minute problems with our house deal which is supposed to close on Monday, my father-in-law is having surgery today so my husband is away, and I have events every night this week, most of which are luckily exercise! I ran 4k with my 15 year old protege last night, and she is doing so well! up to half a kilometer of running straight in intervals, she responds so well. I have started using a scale of one to ten to gauge her exhaustion and push her, and it is working so well.
Tonight I have a swim and yoga/tai chi/pilates class, then tomorrow I have a run of unknown distance with friends, then another run on Friday morning. Hopefully I can fit in some more exercise on the weekend, as next weekend is my big race weekend!!! Trying to be fit for it - I think I am ready, but still get pre-race nerves regardless.
As for the foodie part, I noticed quite a few bloggers giving comments on why they are vegetarian (http://myreasontorun.blogspot.com) and strange food habits (http://racingwithbabes.blogspot.com/) today, so I thought I would roll with it and give some of my strange food preoccupations too! (Sorry for the long links, Blogger is awfully temperamental these days!!!)
Here's a top ten list:
1. If I lived alone, my fridge would be poorly stocked, but I'd be happy. I could live off very few different types of foods and eat them over and over again and be happy. But sadly, I live with others, and need to vary my meals at least for supper quite frequently.
2. I was a SUPER picky eater when I was young, and I still am picky-ish. I have introduced some foods to my edible list, but a bunch of things still don't make the list, like most citrus fruits, brussell sprouts, and things that look scary to try (passion fruit, things like this)
3. I could eat all day and be happy. I used to be heavier than I am now by about 30 pounds, and I have to really control what I eat, or else I could just go on and on with crap food. Losing weight and maintaining a good diet is a challenge for me.
4. On that note, I am a sugar addict. Thought about joining the sugar free blogger challenge but was too scared. Tried to do it on my own and didn't last a day. I need sugar, every day. Today I have had honey flavoured soy nuts, fruit and sweetened yogurt, and sweetener in my tea. I cannot pass free sugar without a thought, which makes my office a hard place to work in. One of my colleagues is the "candy bowl" person, she has three different forms of candy. Plus we have timbits and other goodies every week, and currently have a box of ice cream bars in our freezer.
5. I love making weird foods. Combinations that people look at me like I am a crazy person for. My favourite when I was young was to take a bagel, melt mozzarella cheese on it and put BBQ sauce on that. Now I am more likely to take a can of chickpeas and go wild with other additions and flavours, so at least I am getting a bit healthier.
6. I have a strange relationship with eggs. Sometimes I go for months eating them for breakfast, and then all of a sudden, I am sickened at the sight and smell of them.
7. I am a food sneaker. I guess it is a strong guilt complex, but I will sneak junk food so no one knows - see sugar addiction above!
8. I am currently addicted to smoothies. Some days I have two a day - one for breakfast, one for supper. All with fruit, yogurt, protein and healthy, but still.
9. I am in love with this site: www.foodgawker.com
10. Since moving from small town hickville to a bigger city, I love trying new types of food. In hicksville, the only "ethnic" or "international" food we had was Chinese and pizza. Now I love Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Caribbean, Japanese, anything I can get my hands on. Desperately wanting to try Ethiopian.
What about you? Any strange food facts to share?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. You are a complex woman! I guess my food quirk is that when it comes to sugar, it's all or nothing. Meaning--my control of it comes from not starting in on something. If I have one cookie, I'll have two, etc. So for the most part, I just don't have it!

  2. yes you are complex ... maybe I don't want you to find me!

    I'll be in a Scottish National Tartan and most probably a black 15k Bread and Honey technical shirt. I'll see if my wife let's me go commando.