Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Road Kill

That is what I nearly became this morning when a plow took me off the road while driving to work. Driving around a corner at speed (ok, a little over it, so 90-100km, 55-60ish miles per hour) and came around a curve to find a snowplow with it's blade about a foot and a half into my lane. The truck wasn't moving over, so I braked pretty hard and tried to move over in my lane, but ended up catching some of the loose snow in the middle of the lane and spun out into oncoming traffic. Somehow they all missed hitting me, and I kept skidding until I ran into a protective fence edging the road. Scared the living daylights out of me, as my first true accident ever, and I was very lucky to get out of the situation with no personal injuries and just a few scratches to the back end of my car. Made me sad that not a single person stopped or came back to see if I was alright.

Ok, that's my sob story of the day. Going to the gym tonight to have a run and then do my yoga/pilates/tai chi class, which incorporates some serious ab work. Hopefully all that effort will burn off the decadent peanut butter cookie I am eating right now.... MMmmmm....

So, what is your scariest "I'm-gonna-be-road-kill" moment?


  1. Oh my gosh! So glad to hear you're okay! That sucks that no one came to your aid...

    Thought I was going to be smooshed once when my mum and I were in Washington. She was driving and going to merge onto the freeway. We both checked and there wasn't any traffic, but when we were nearing the end of the on-ramp I looked again. Then I gently touched her arm and said "Mum" - she looked and slowed as a semi truck's tire was at her window. Scary! Especially since trucks are supposed to go 10 miles/hr slower than regular traffic...

    And this one didn't happen to us, but we saw a tired driver swerve right, hit the rumble strip, over correct left and drive across 4 lanes right in front of a bus. We did go back to find him - he was stuffed into the bushes in the middle median.

  2. Scary! I am glad you are ok!

  3. Glad to hear you're ok! That would be freaking me out the rest of the day.