Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He Lied....

But I love him anyways.

*Note - If you are trying to lose weight, or generally not drool over your computer screen, do NOT continue reading. I am not responsible for any of you wanting to rush out for a great lunch/dinner*

So my husband lied about having a nice dinner in. I got home and was immediately told to stay in my winter wear, as we were about to leave. I have a suit on, and didn't really want to look like a lawyer lady over dinner, so I asked if I could just go take off my jacket and change into a nice shirt. Hubby said yes, so I went on up, proceeded to take off my jacket and find a nice shirt in my closet, all while never turning on our bedroom light. I came downstairs, and found my husband staring at me like my dog does when she hears a strange noise. Head cocked to the side, quizzical look on the face. Kind of like this:

(stolen from Hyperbole and a Half, which you SHOULD check out if you haven't. Especially this post.)

He proceeds to ask me: "Did you look at the bed?" No, I had no reason to, I was just getting changed in the dark like any normal person. So he sends me upstairs to go look at the bed with the light on, and I find these:

I come down, hug and kiss him, and we are on our way. En route, he tells me he doesn't have reservations. I think this is the kiss of death to our evening, but am pleasantly surprised that I am wrong. We went to our favourite Vietnamese place (aka a hole in the wall) where we were one of no more than 3 tables being served. It was nice.

We had these: (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)

And this: (Hot and Sour Soup, the BEST on the planet)

And this: (Lemongrass Beef Pho)

And finished it off with some nice Vietnamese Hot Coffee (strong coffee that is poured with cool condensed milk on the bottom that you have to stir in, it is strong and sweet and lovely).
Great dinner. But just when I thought we were done, I came home and he whipped out these:

Needless to say, I was stuffed, but very, very happy. I did some crunches and the plank to try and feel less guilty, and am headed to the gym tonight to get a run in. All and all, well worth it.

Hope everyone had a good Monday!