Sunday, January 27, 2013

All it takes is one great run....

It's been a long time for me since all the pieces fell into place, since I have had that one great run. 

You know, the run where you are able to get into the zone, block out all the negatives and negativity inside yourself, and just feel perfect running, like you could continue for ages.  Were your legs feel as light as air, where your lungs are so expansive that you never need to stop to take a breather. 

My run today was that run.  I am a weather wuss (to be fair, it was -21 celcius here today!!) and decided to get my butt to the gym for a run.  I have set a goal for myself this year to get to the gym 3x a week, or at least get running 3x a week.  For the first few weeks of this year, I have been consistently failing at that goal. With being in Florida for Christmas, and getting back to work, I just haven't been getting it done.  Come March, I will be forcing myself to do it, as I have signed up for my first Running Room clinic (more to come on that, and my annual running goals).

But for now, I am on my own.  So I got to the gym, and decided to do a long slow run.  For me, long was going to aim for about 4 miles right now.  Pathetic, I know.  I started up, at a pace of 11 minutes a mile, and felt fantastic.  Normally, I am huffing and puffing within minutes, thinking of reasons to stop.  But today, it was awesome.  Not even the idiot running beside me with their treadmill going at 9 miles an hour, with a 10% incline, who was running by lifting most of his body weight with his arms, leaning on the treadmill the whole time, not even he could get me off my game.

I ran a wonderful 5 miles.  Way longer than anything I had done recently, and it felt amazing.  I could have went longer, but with sleeping late, I had other things I had to get done. 

I'm so happy to have that run under my belt, because I was starting to worry that I had completely lost my game.  I just realized, I was pushing way too hard, way too fast. I'm looking forward to investing the time and taking the effort to reach my goals this year...... which will be posted soon! 

When was the last time you had a "perfect" run?  Have you managed to have one on the dreadmill?

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