Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Months Ago Today...

Six months ago today, I started my real journey as a lawyer. I started my job here at my law firm, optimistic and yet tired, hopeful I would find my place. I have definitely found my place among the staff, and the drive has gotten better, and a bit faster over time with a new route learned. I still frequently spend close to 12 hours a day outside of the home, but it is getting better.

The law stuff, that stuff is not so quick to learn. I was hired on to do a specific type of law, and I am learning every day that I like it less than I thought. I still love the workplace, but I want to focus on other types of law. I don't know how to tell my boss this. I am still finding my footing, gaining endurance, getting my stride and becoming more confident in what I do. Kind of like running. Here's hoping I find my pace, and finally get to a place where I am comfortable with how much I am doing, and I know I can do it.

Despite the fact that I haven't ran much this winter, I am comfortable with the idea that I can do another half marathon. It doesn't scare me like last year, and I hope to train better mentally to make it a more enjoyable experience this year. I am slowly building my time on the treadmill, rather than in the pool or in some of the classes my gym offers, and hopefully the running endurance will bounce right back.

I have missed my signup deadline for a race in May, so I think my first one of the year will be late June/early July. I should get 5 or so official races this year, which to most people sounds so low, but is definitely a step up from my 1-2 that I have done over the past three years as a runner. I like to focus, to obsess over these things for weeks! Now's the time for me to get registering, to get my plans in line for the next few months. Here's to another great six months until it is time for my big Europe trip!

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