Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, I was so excited yesterday when my second prize from the 10-10-10 runs finally arrived at my door!!! As mentioned before, I ran the Jog for Joubert Syndrome 10-10-10 run and Marcia's run for Lupus, and I was lucky enough to win prizes from both, while supporting some GREAT causes.

So I decided to try out the two new additions to my running wardrobe ASAP, and finally live up to my title as the running lawyer:

Suit and all, I think the Ryder Glasses and Moving Comfort hat are both great, and I am super excited to try them out on the road soon.

So this week hasn't been successful in the way of runs. I have been keeping myself accountable with food, but with the time change, I feel exhausted. It is pitch dark on my drive home, and I feel like all I can manage to do is eat and sleep once I get here. Looking forward to the gym membership, and to establishing a winter routine.

My friend (the same one who killed me in my first half marathon, going on to get a PB by 13 minutes!) is trying to convince me to train in the winter for another half. Not sure if I have agreed yet, as I still don't feel 100% sure I want to do it again, and my toes are still agreeing with me on that point! That being said, it is kind of like having a child or getting a tattoo - after a while, you forget the pain that you endured and start refocusing on the positive rush you get, and the satisfaction of being able to say you conquered the situation. It's a badge of honour that you definitely earn. There is a race here in Ottawa in May, probably one of the largest in Canada, so I am considering it, with two stipulations: 1) we don't start at the pace we did the first time - it killed me going out so fast and 2) I need her to stick with me throughout the whole race. Mental training is key for me, so having someone there between kilometers 16-21 is crucial to my success.

Am I crazy to be thinking about doing it all again and trying for my original sub 2:30 goal?


  1. Nice loot! Glad the hat made it to you!
    I don't think you're crazy at all to do it all again. Go for it!

  2. I didn't read your post before I wrote mine - glad to see I'm not the only one having trouble with the time change.

    I'm already planning to sign up for a few more half marathons. I am a lot more dedicated to working out with a goal in mind.

  3. The Ottawa half is a great race...tons of fun.
    I've signed up for a bunch of races...I need it to meet my motivation up.
    Nice specs!

  4. You'd be more crazy not to, especially with new gear. I wouldn't base your race on your friend being there for you though. What if she's injured or otherwise can't race?

  5. I would totally sign up for Ottawa. I heard the crowds are good and will definitly help keep you motativated.
    The gear is looking good!